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Taeyeon Taeyeon - Band Thank You Samda - The Blue Night Of Jeju Island The Blue Night Of Jeju Island
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Band Thank You Samda - The Blue Night Of Jeju Island The Blue Night Of Jeju Island - Taeyeon Taeyeon
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The Blue Night Of Jeju Island



Band Thank You Samda

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떠나요 둘이서 모든 걸 훌훌 버리고
제주도 푸른 밤 그 별 아래
이제는 더이상 얽매이긴 우리 싫어요
신문에 TV에 월급봉투에
아파트 담벼락보다는 바달 볼수 있는 창문이 좋아요
낑깡밭 일구고 감귤도 우리 둘이 가꿔봐요
정말로 그대가 외롭다고 느껴진다면
떠나요 제주도 푸른 밤 하늘 아래로

떠나요 둘이서 힘들게 별로 없어요
제주도 푸른밤 그 별아래
그동안 우리는 오랫동안 지쳤잖아요
술집에 카페에 많은 사람에
도시의 침묵보다는 바다의 속삭임이 좋아요
신혼부부 밀려와 똑같은 사진 찍기 구경하며
정말로 그대가 재미없다 느껴진다면
떠나요 제주도 푸르메가 살고 있는 곳
tteonayo dul-iseo modeun geol hulhul beoligo
jejudo puleun bam geu byeol alae
ijeneun deoisang eolgmaeigin uli silh-eoyo
sinmun-e TVe wolgeubbongtue
apateu dambyeolagbodaneun badal bolsu issneun changmun-i joh-ayo
kkingkkangbat ilgugo gamgyuldo uli dul-i gakkwobwayo
jeongmallo geudaega oelobdago neukkyeojindamyeon
tteonayo jejudo puleun bam haneul alaelo

tteonayo dul-iseo himdeulge byeollo eobs-eoyo
jejudo puleunbam geu byeol-alae
geudong-an ulineun olaesdong-an jichyeossjanh-ayo
suljib-e kapee manh-eun salam-e
dosiui chimmugbodaneun badaui sogsag-im-i joh-ayo
sinhonbubu millyeowa ttoggat-eun sajin jjiggi gugyeonghamyeo
jeongmallo geudaega jaemieobsda neukkyeojindamyeon
tteonayo jejudo puleumega salgo issneun gos
Let's leave, the two of us abandoning everything
Jeju Island- blue night, under that star
We no longer wish to be tied
to newspapers, to TV, to paychecks
More than apartment walls, I like windows where you can see the sea
Let's cultivates citrus fields and grow tangerines together
If you feel like you are truly lonely
Leave to Jeju Island- under the blue night sky

Leave, together, there isn't much that is difficult
Jeju Island, blue night- under that star
In the meantime, we were tired for long
Of pubs, of cafes, of many people
Rather than the silence of the city, I like the whisper of the sea
Newlyweds washing up taking the same Photo shoots and tours
If you feel like you really have no fun
Leave, for Jeju Island, where Pureumeh lives
Make Me Love You
I Got Love
Good thing
Up & Down
Hands On Me
Starlight (Feat. DEAN)
The Blue Night Of Jeju Island
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Taeyeon - Band Thank You Samda - The Blue Night Of Jeju Island with KBeat Music (Lyrics)

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