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“The clock is turning without a pause” Is one of my favourite sentences in Topp Dogg’s song The Beat. It’s poetic and reminds me of that time is always passing and always will. That one must live in the moment and use their time carefully. You never now when a downfall may come, so this helps me get the motivation I need to change my life and do what I want before it’s too late. As the song mentions the first days is the same, like a ritual. Later they open their eyes and realises it’s time to work for what their dream and reach the top. Fly high up in the sky. They have the motivation and the path layed out but there is no mercy. It’s like life, if you have a dream you must work hard and no matter what never give up for how long time it may take you will reach your dream and overcome walls and struggles. I feel like Kpop idols have it harder than everyone else and the ones who have reached success (it doesn’t necessarly have to be money, many just want others to hear their music) are lucky. Some just doesn’t get success no matter have hard they work. I give up before I even tried but when I look at these groups like Topp Dogg I realise everything is possible. As they’re saying “Wake up, look at me” and that I should spread my wings and fly up to them, that they hope time will stop and I shouldn’t care about others. These lyrics really lets me know that they want to help others to do something and look at them as role models. They are just humans like me and that’s why I think I can do anything when I read their lyrics. Just look at how far they’ve come and even if people around me dissaproves I shouldn’t care if it’s my dream. I don’t have exactly the same dream but this applies to everything in life. Of course I want to fly high but it is a long road until I get there with the help of Topp Doggs music. I love how anyone can relate to the music and that the lyrics actually mean something. Society have a tendency to look down on things that aren’t in their liking and doesn’t follow the norms. I want to change that and be different. But the drive to be liked and loved is too high. It is in these times I relly just take a look at the lyrics and reminds myself of my dream and I don’t want to spend my whole life without reaching it. Ypu never know what tomorrow may brings, so take a hold of your life, but don’t forget to love.

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