YG dropped the bomb


It is BIGBANG indeed.



23rd of March when YG uploaded the first teaser and it got all kpop fans excited for this will be the year opener of the entertainment. Speculations were its either BIGBANG, iKON, or WINNER.

Some articles also brought up topics about it being Jinusean’s comeback after 11 years. Many were intrigued about it and are waiting for updates from YG.

YG kept dropping teasers out of nowhere that the hype grew really large. An interview from YG where he said that Jinusean will be releasing new music, but BIGBANG will open the year for YG got all VIPs alerted. Even non VIPs thirst were felt with all the SNS statements.

1. The teaser that first came out showed a date that seems to be 201504xx indicating for it to be in the month of April.

2. Second one was a teaser saying the exact day which is on 1, it will be on April 1, 2015.

3. The third and noticeably not any different from the second just showed the bomb starting to ignite. This actually brought some disappointments to some thirsty VIPs.

4. At last, an exact time was given. April 1, 2015 9AM KST.

5. But what more can you expect from YG? It seems all the waiting led to another teaser which is a photo with a set of dates.




No one knows yet whether these dates refer to a single, an album or another set of teasers. Some even says these are the enlistment dates of the members for fun.

So everyone, are you ready or not? Leave in your comments and we’ll talk about it. Let’s spazz together!



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  1. ChessPoweryellow

    Oh YG… you can’t love the trolling.
    Actually I knew that Big Bang is the next artist to have their comeback, as when the bomb will be explode.. there would be big… bang. Like boom. and bang… no? :D”
    But I didn’t think there would be 5 different dates, which the earliest is month away from the teaser!
    I read somewhere that the 5 dates are all member teasers, while in the last month YG will release Fantastic Baby Trot version.. lol.

    1. blackvipyellow

      hahaha. Yes, same thought about the bang and boom thingy. Someone commented that it will be solo versions of each member for the song fantastic baby. Hoping for some big actions on every date because I love papa YG, Hahaha

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