What EXO means to me

To me? Well, Exo is like a god given present. Without EXO i wouldn’t have learned so many things Their music touched me. When i first listened to their debut song “MAMA” i was so very satisfied and so happy i listened to their song. Then i went on and listened to History ! After a while i don’t know why but i didn’t really like them as much. I actually started to like Beast then after Beast it was all about BAP for me, I though NO group could compare to them , like literally, and it was true for so long. When wolf came out and GROWL too (after WOLF , a few months after) I never even listened to any of those songs. I really don’t know why but i was filled with HATE, i completely hated EXO. I tried the songs and i never made it through i was like ‘ uh you suck, you’re not as good as BAP”but when i was doing something i was like “you know what, i’ll give EXO a try” i finished the song, and i said hey its so catchy, its actually really good. AND i went to listen to wolf briefly after, it wasn’t bad at ALL. Seriously, after a brief 2 weeks, i fell in love with EXO again! i felt really bad for BAP cause currently they aren’t in my top 5 anymore but its ok now. Anyway, after, i just went and HAD to buy GROWL repackage ! IT WAS MY FIRST ABLUM EVER. AND UNFORTUNATELY , its my only one too. But, after i liked Exo a little more, i started watching weekly idol (exo episode) “sure why not, they are pretty good”  *(BEFORE I BOUGHT THEIR ABLUM ERA) * and i literally fell in love with LUHAN, his laugh, voice, personality, smile , EVERYTHING! I REALLY loved EXO a lot. and i finally realized it. EXO means a lot to me now. Recently, D.O got injured, and since he’s my 3rd EXO bias it made me really sad and upset , i started to tear up , but knowing he was okay i was totally better a little.EXO taught me “how to love” be a little more nice and warm inside. I think about them when im sad , need support, or like basically everytime. They taught me how to dream, do good, and believe. Their lyrics are too cute too, in peter pan especially ! “you are prettier then WENDY AND CINDERELLA” that was too adorable. EXO made it easy to believe in myself. and my dream (a dancer) no matter how much i say i cant do it when i see myself dance, i try even harder, even if i never make it to SMent. FOLLOWING YOUR DREAM MAKES YOU FEEL HAPPIER. WHEN I WATCHED WOLF DRAMA VER 2 . luhan got hit i literally dropped my phone omg. luhan’s eyes are too cute and dreamy. sehun’s laugh and smile d.o’s perfect tone and handsomeness suho’s charming voice baekhyun’s cute aeygo and voice kris’s rap chanyeol’s rap too kai and lay’s dance ! xiumin’s high note Tao’s kung fun panda HAHAA (inside joke) chen’s high pitch notes too oh my dear lord!! ahhaha well, this kind of gives you an idea of my love for exo . EXO MEANS A LOT TO ME 100000000000000000000000000/10 ! ~ remember, believe in yourself no matter what, support your kpop idols~ “It’s also nice to have a second world, I can believe in” LIKE SEHUN SAYS ” WE MAY BE SPLIT INTO TWO GROUPS, BUT REALLY WE ARE ONE BIG FAMILY” so share what you think of you favorite kpop idol ~ comment below

smile :)

smile :)

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  1. pikachu

    I like EXO a lot but they aren’t my most fav group… I understand you!! U can’t live without them I know that feel… I have it with NU’EST.. I know they are so young and maybe I should have other group ‘cos I was kpoper before their debut..( At first BIGBANG then SuJu Infinite B.A.P …. aghh) But NU’EST helped me (their music of course)… I had many problems and I was in hospital.. That time was so hard for me but their music their debut bring me idk how to say it… new chance to live… I was so happy whe I listened ‘Face’ so yeah… :DD I can’ explain my life without NU’EST they are … like part of me… so I understand u what means EXO for u :))

    1. hlulunie

      awe, hey its me the person that wrote this. i hope you’re okay now , and out of the hospital. i also understand how all these kpop idols helped out of our bad times, thanks for taking the time to read this too! I’m just a beginner her , haha. WELL, kpop is just so addicting. and glad nu’est helped you feel better! always dream okay!?

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