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Long time no see, Long time no see….It’s me L-Mo…I have just returned from my trip to Korea and Japan and I wanted to share with you all my experience at the YG Family Power Tour Concert in Seoul!  I will be posting other articles about my trips but I wanted to share this one first since this one holds a special place in my heart.

 Sound Check

The YG Family concert took place on 8/15 which was my birthday so it was that much more meaningful to me.  I was also one of the lucky winners who on tickets to see the YG Family Sound Check Party the day before the concert, so that within itself was also another great experience (making this birthday the best one ever)!

 Platinum Line

8/14/14 – Sound Check Party: Upon arriving at the sound check party, there was another concert that was going on as well so we had to follow the YG Family sign.  Once we were at the sound check, we had to wait in line and one row at a time we were called to verify that our names were on the sound check party list.  Once we got up to the staff and got our information verified (you had to show your ID, passport and the email that was sent to you), you were given a sticker to put over your phone so you cannot record during the sound check.  Even while in line, you can hear the artists begin their practice.  The fans were screaming each time a song came on like it was the actual concert.  But don’t get me wrong, my heart was also pounding when I heard BigBang rehearsing…LOL

   Sound Check Sign   

Once everyone was verified and got a sticker over their phones, we were brought inside the stadium.  The YG family was already on stage and waiving hi to everyone.  There were only about 1200 of us who won the sound check party so there wasn’t that many and we were all able to get great view of everyone.  One by one each artist came out to the stage: BigBang, 2ne1, Epik High, Winner, AKMU, Lee Hi and Team B.  Psy wasn’t there during the sound check…

 Sound Check Sticker

Everything felt so unreal…I couldn’t believe that this was really happening.  They were all interacting with the crowd and having us sing along.  This was definitely just a little tease of what the actual concert was going to be like.


8/15/14 – YG Concert:  The line to get into the concert was beyond crazy!! It went around the entire stadium and back to the front. I’ve been to a BigBang concert, but this…this was something else.  I have never seen so many people in one spot waiting to get inside a concert before in my life so I was completely blown by it (I wish I would have taken a picture of the lines)…but lucky for me, I was a VIP ticket holder so my line was short.  I went to the concert around 7am and didn’t get to go inside the stadium for the concert until about 1pm (the sun was burning hot and it felt like forever)!  But after all said and done, it was totally worth it all and I would do it all over again.

 View from Lounge

There were a few different opening acts for the YG family – the YG family didn’t go on stage until about 630pm.  Since I had VIP, I placed myself in the Platinum Lounge and waited it out from the hot sun and tired feet from standing all day on the couches…LOL…once the time was near for the YG Family, that’s when I stood back up! LOL…


The concert started and everything was unreal.  Being around the industry for a while, I know that it bothers some artists to have their performances recorded so I didn’t record any of the concerts.  The concert itself was already being recorded by YG with their high-tech recording systems so instead of messing around with my camera and phone, I just enjoyed the concert without missing a single thing.  But I did take a quick picture when BigBang came out…LOL…


Each group or artist did their own songs for the first half and the second half, they sang each other’s songs or did collaborations.  The interactions among each person and group was both hilarious and beautiful to watch at the same time.  When GD sang CL’s “Baddest Female” song and made the entire crowd scream “Oppa”…I think I died a million times.  When Seungri came out and pretended to be GD and wore his clothing to do “Crayon”…tears were coming down my face from laughter.  BigBang doing 2ne1’s “I Love You” and booty shake…OMG…I couldn’t contain the ‘feels’…LOL. 


Each group and each artist blew me away…there is a HUGE difference of seeing their performances through social media and then seeing it in person…the voice on Lee Hi is truly something else.  The brother and sister duo of AKMU is one of the most beautiful things that I have ever seen.  There has to be nothing better than having your dreams come true and your sibling is right there besides you too!  Team B truly made me smile…seeing all 6 of them on stage performing “Climax” brought tears into my eyes because I was there through it all for their “W.I.N” program.  WINNER also blew me away as they took the stage like they owned it…their presence was truly known and I was so proud to see them perform live right after they just debuted. Even though each group had their moment and owned the stage, I would have to say that PSY took the show.  His performance had everyone standing up…regardless of age, everyone was up jumping and the light sticks of each group (BigBang, 2ne1 and Winner) was moving in union through PSY’s performance.


After experiencing this concert, my love for YG grew even more…they truly take care of each other and of the fans like we are one big family.  They did constant interactions with the crowd which is something that I, myself truly appreciate. 


Are there any concerts that you have gone too that blew you away?  Have you been to any “family” concerts?


Thanks for listening/reading and following me…I hope through my articles, you were able to experience the concert with me…xoxo

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