We are One! EXO-Lmnida!

Yay! SM Entertainment had just released EXO official fandom name!

Tenenenenen! *drum rolls* EXO-L!

A bit disappointed eh?

I WAS too! For more than three years (it already seems 120 years for me! LOL) of being a kpop fan, this is my first time to be a super-stick-to-one-group fangirl, which means this is the first time that I have witnessed a fandom name to be coined. EXO-L seems to be quite simple and not a thoroughly reviewed name, but as I read the article and EXO’s video regarding this matter, I felt excited and contented.

Mind you, I was literally brought into tears after reading their explanation.

EXO-L does not only stands for LOVE but L also stands between M and K which means we are forever in between them, binding them with our fandom’s love.

I remembered way back May when I watched EXO-M’s Overdose performance in China, fans are raising their hands in letter L. Maybe that’s where it started, though I’m not sure about it. Teehee.

Well anyways, I will love being an EXO-L regardless of people mocking the name. We (co-EXO stans) are already part of EXO’s sub-unit! Teehee!


Do you love it too?



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