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Wanna make your Seoul trip special? “D.THRONE special package” event!!

Seoul is a very romantic city that you can expect special things to happen in your life.

For you, KBeat has found a very special event for people who come to Korea in summer!!



“D.THRONE special package”


D.THRONE is a Korean premium electric car brand for 3 people family. D.THRONE has 3 driving modes for all family members. With this classic designed car, your Seoul trip will be filled up with the romance!


D.THRONE has 3 different colors:



1. khaki

2. White

3. Black









“Can I enjoy this car with my friends or family?”





D.THRONE is made for family, so it’s very safe and maximum 3 people can ride one car!

There are 3 ways to enjoy this luxury D.THRONE:


#1 Cart mode:

A passenger can sit on the driver seat and drive D.THRONE by themselves.

Adults can fit in too!



#2 Stroller mode:

An adult can push D.THRONE when a baby’s sitting on the car.


#3 Board mode:

Parents or siblings can seat at the rear sit and a baby can sit on the driver sit. People on the rear sit will drive the car, so it’s the perfect mode for 3 people family. (One person can be standing on the rear deck like the second picture)

Check out an awesome video of Chonunmigooksaram here: URL

Just like the video, couples can enjoy D.THRONE as one of the date course





“How & where can I ride D.THRONE?”

“What’s the D.THRONE special package?”




“D.THRONE special package” is made for people

who want to enjoy romantic Seoul fun and relaxing both!


2 cups of D.THRONE S(a signature menu)

+ 1 hour ride of D.THRONE only costs 35,000won!

(Available until 31th August)

terms & conditions:

1. One person can only buy one special package
2. D.THRONE ride is only possible around the cafe and SeokChon river
3. D.THRONE will let you know how to ride a car and keep your personal ID.
When you finish enjoying D.THRONE, you can receive the personal ID back.
4. 2 hours free parking & you can purchase D.THRONE at the cafe





For those who want to ride D.THRONE, please come to:

258, Seokchonhosu-ro, Songpa-gu, Seoul (click the map)

(서울 송파구 석촌호수로 258 잠실아르누보팰리스 105호)


Any inquiries:

Please talk to D.THRONE directly through,

Kakao ID: @디트로네

Instagram: @d.throne, @d.throne_cafe

Or you can make a call to 070-5067-1819






Your D.THRONE will be waiting for you in Seoul :)


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