[VOTE] Kpop male Idols With The Best Variety Skills

In the Kpop world talent alone is not enough to make you well known, most idols owe their fame to their variety skills. Here are kpop male idols that are known for their variety skills.

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Seungri Image result for seungri yg parody

Seungri is not only known for being funny but he’s also known for impersonating Yang Hyun Suk perfectly. He says things how it is and tends to reveal ‘secrets’ and ’embarrassing’ moments with Big Bang members which usually lead to getting teased a lot with the Big Bang members  especially since hes the youngest.

Image result for jackson got7 variety show

Jackson is very confident, likeable and all around entertaining. He speaks his mind which is one key for successful variety skills. During SBS Entertainment Awards show he won ‘Best New Male Variety Newcomer’ which speaks for itself.

Image result for heechul put your hands up

From radio show to variety show, hosts , Heechuls done it all, he’s one of the most friendliest idols who knows almost everyone. Most kpop idols are award around other girl group to avoid rumours but not Heechul who’s friends  with every female idol which makes for natural and entertaining show


Although he doesn’t do it anymore he’s well known for his crazy and carefree dance move which gave him the nickname ‘kkap kwon’ kkap refers to energetic and and sometimes overreacting.

Image result for chanyeol reactions

While Chanyeol doesn’t appear on variety shows as often as the others he’s still known for his over exaggerated reactions. Outside of variety shows fans can see these reaction on award shows.

Image result for kwanghee variety show


Kwanghee is more known for being a variety idol than being a group member. He’s friendly, confident speaker and extremely funny. Furthermore he’s honest to the point of admitting his plastic surgery which is rare and brave for an idol.

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