[VOTE] Kpop idols rocking red hair

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Kpop idols are no stranger to colour hair…plus it’s always a sign for a possible comeback. Sometimes they rock it and other times they should bury it. Red always adds a fierceness to any comeback and here are idols who rock this fire look… make sure to vote for who you think rocked RED the best…. scroll down this post after you’ve seen the idols then click on VOTE link.


  1. Gdragon – the KING of all hair colour… just how damaged is that hair. This is the same guy that changed his hair colour to red in the middle of an award show!
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  2. Bom – her red hair was the most iconic colour, one of her best looks along with her half pony hairstyle.
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  3. Amber – she owns this look. This look was perfect in ‘red light’.
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  4. D.O – this may be the only ‘out there’ colour D.O has tried even if it isn’t a vibrant like the other idols red hair. This subtle-ness made it look classy and mature.
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  5. Suhyun – The red look, looks fierce with the other idol but it’s surprising how cute Suhyun still looks with red.
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  6. Yeri – red velvet brings you red maknae! she rocked this look for ‘Russian Roulette’ but all we can think about is ‘Russian Red’ which is a lipstick by mac.
  7. Jimin – we can safely say that not only does his red hair look good but so does his 5:5 hairstyle which isn’t that common with this hairstyle.
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  8. Sunny – little mermaid or should we say little miss sunshine… this is the perfect summer colour.
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  9. P.O – strangely we’re not surprised by this look, totally block b style.
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  10. Mark – this may be the best hair mark has ever mad.
    Image result for mark red hair got7

now that you’ve seen all the idols from our list… it’s your time to vote

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comment below if you think we missed an idol that also rocked red hair… clearly there’s more but we chose 10 for this list.

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  1. Juanita

    You definitely missed Min Hyuk from BTOB and Sung Yeol from Infinite!

  2. ainnalias

    You missed ikon leader kim hanbin and also the eldest kim jinhwan

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