[VOTE] 10 kpop Christmas song to prepare you for the festive season!

It’s Christmas time and you know what that means… Christmas song! We have gathered all our favourite songs that we’re sure will get you in the holiday spirit. We have only complied songs with MV to make it visually pleasing too. We won’t include Exo’s ‘for life’ because it just came out today so we’ll take this as an opportunity to tell you all to go listen to that as well.

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Let’s get the list start

1. EXO – “Miracles in December” (2013)
Christmas time is meant to be joyful filled with fun and upbeat songs but not for EXO each year they bring to us… sadness through heartfelt songs… surprisingly, however, it works. MID is the one we chose for this list as the vocals melt our hearts like Olafs desire for a summer day!

2. Girls’ Generation-TTS – “Dear Santa” (2015)
This song is a great start to the list as it screams Christmas, It has the typical Christmas song vibe were it starts soft and slow then gets extra festive and cheerful. The song and MV is warm and festive and if that wasn’t enough they released this song in both English and Korean.


3. Ailee – “My Grown Up Christmas List” (2012)
Not only is the song good but we’re mesmerised by the art in the MV which we believe deserves a little extra appreciation. The song is in English and the message is relatable and sweet

4. JYP Nation – “This Christmas” (2010)
As we all probably know Christmas is a time for family and we guess it’s no different for company as shown by JYP nation!

5. SMTOWN – “Santa U Are the One” (2011)
We included jyp so we have to include SM, now all that’s left is yg….

6. BOM&HI – “All I want for Christmas is you” (2013)
Speaking of YG, they created a Christmas unit with the power vocals Bom and Lee hi covering the classic “All I want for Christmas is you”. The teaser came across as slightly creepy, we think YG may have gotten the confused with Halloween!

7. GOT7 – “Confession Song” (2015)
While this isn’t Valentines day we found the Christmas match making extremely cute. 

8. AFTERSCHOOL – “Love Love Love” (2010)
While the MV isn’t very Christmas-y the jingle in the song is enough to get you in the holiday sprite. 

9. Eric Nam – “Melt My Hear” (2014)
The childhood video was so cute and added a personal touch the song!

10. Crayon Pop – “Lonely Christmas” (2013)
While we wouldn’t call it a very Christmas-y song, other then the lyrics and outfits, It’s very catchy and the MV is very funny which we kindly won’t spoil but we recommend to watch til the end!! It just doesn’t have that Christmas vibe.



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