Top 10 Songs of this year

2014 is coming but before that I will recall all the songs that hit the chart this year and made a positive impact in the k pop industry And also the songs that made me kept clicking the replay button over and over again.


SNSD (I Got A Boy)


They start the year with a colorful comeback \’I got a boy\’. The video is very colorful and their costumes are so cute!!. When SMent released this video I kept replaying the video even in school with my friends.


B.A.P (One Shot)


Before releasing the music video some people said that B.A.P went to Philippines to shoot this video and I was really frustrated when I heard that because I never got a chance to see them </3 but I guess many fans didn\’t also expect B.A.P will go here. 

They are so cool!! I love how the lyrics are so meaningful and the ending is just so heartbreaking.



TEEN TOP (Miss Right)


This song made me crazy. Lol~.I love how the beat made me dance.


PSY (Gentleman)


Gentleman is very popular. Every corner of the street you\’ll hear this song and ask anyone about this song they know it. 


4MINUTE (What\’s Your Name)





In this video Sohyun catches my attention, she is cute and the beat is catchy.

B1A4 (What\’s Going On?)




 They are so cute epecially Baro and the song is very catchy. Wassup~wassup tell me~tell me ~wassup~

EXO (Wolf)


The most awaited comeback. Finally, after how many months of waiting for  EXO\’s comeback they released \’Wolf\’ that made every fan screamed in Joy. All the months of waiting are worth it because of the tremendous handsome teaser photos.

2NE1 (Do You Love Me)



I love this song and the video. The members seems to enjoy while filming this.


SHINee (Everybody)


The dance step is really awesome! the part where Onew did the propeller move.


EXO (Growl)


This album won many awards that made EXO increase their popularity.  The choreography is very cool that made everyone want to learn it, including me.

That\’s it! The top 10 songs that I kept playing this year.

I have a lot of songs in mind but these 10 songs are my pick.

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