The best kpop Album Packaging

Kpop is known for having the most creative album packages and they go beyond the typical CD case and aim for an eye-catching package to go along with their selected theme/concept. This is our opinion only but we have select what we think is the most unique to us.

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F(X) – Pink Tape
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If you’re old enough to have owned this then you’ll love this album more as it bring back memories before people owned CDs. We absolutely love this package.

Lee Hi – First Love
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Lee hi’s album looks so classy and reminds us of a jewellery box.

Gdragon – Heartbreaker
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If you’ve never met Gd in real life don’t worry just get this album because it literally has a 3D mold of his face.

Miss A – Hush
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Some albums go down the 3D path but keep the traditional CD box shape… but not Miss A, their hush album came in a triangle and the folds outwards to reveal their photos.
Image result for miss a hush album unboxing

Beast – Midnight Sun

This album is so pretty, you can tell they went all out.

Infinite – The origin

This album reminds us of a watch box, very luxurious.

SNSD – The boys

This album is a tin box lets just hope our parents don’t fill them with sewing kits and stuff lol.

Epik High – Shoe box

You have to see the unboxing to know how creative and amazing this album is. It very simple in colour and style but it has a beautiful texture that replicates shoes and the song list is design as a clothe tag.

Rainbow – Rainbow syndrome

This album opens up like a pop up.

GOT7 – Got it?
Image result for got7 album

GOT7’s album is shaped like a star… like the stars they are haha

This is the end of our list, whats your fav album package?

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