Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating?

Taeyeon and Baekhyun have been confirmed to be dating!



The thing is, some people think this is a cover up for SM’s scandal with Kris but i think it’s real simply because it’s random and it doesn’t make sense otherwise. Why would they put someone from their biggest girl group and their biggest guy group now together? Seems like too much effort used for a coverup.

Plus Kris’ scandal will stay. News about these two dating have exploded but they will cool down soon and everyone will move on with their lives (hopefully). Not so sure about Kris.

The thing i am worried about is the fans (the crazy ones). I think (hope) Taeyeon’s fans understand that she is not 18 so it’s much easier to accept that she would be dating someone plus few SNSD have already became open about their relationships before. Now EXO fans… I know a lot are leaving hateful comments on Taeyeon’s instagram but honestly, who expected something else? I sincerely hope that delusional fans won’t go as far as hurting Taeyeon for dating “their” Baekhyun.

The only thing that seems fishy is that Baekhyun has debuted only 2 years ago. I am pretty sure they have a dating ban. Someone said SNSD’s dating ban was 6 years. Maybe SM found it pointless to deny it since the pictures seemed so obvious. 

Good luck to them!

Who do you think will be next in SNSD to reveal who they are dating? And how do you feel about this? Real or fake?

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Taeyeon and Baekhyun dating
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  1. emma-kim

    That’s so cute ^^ I think this is real, but if it will turn out that everything was fake then… SM… Btw I am not that big EXO fan, so, do you know, Kris left EXO already or not?

    1. Karikumayellow

      I am pretty sure he is gone from SM but i don’t think the lawsuit is resolved. I am not a EXO follower either. :D

  2. L.Moyellow

    I’m such a YG stan that i truly and honestly don’t know too much about other artists but they are humans too…they need love also…

  3. eshaeunhaeyellow

    Actually dating fellow agency isn’t my style. Because after all, you are ‘family’. But remove all the things about the family, because in fact they are two people, who are really different. So that we can do is give them congratulations on this new relationship. This is the fifth member of SNSD open with their relationship (including Hyoyeon, although in the end she broke up with her boyfriend). There are still four remaining members. Borrowing the YG’s word, who’s next? We’ll wait.. :)

    For members who have already taken, I hope there is no separation between them. Because it hurts when they should end their relationship, which eventually, will certainly have the support from the fans. So for Baekhyun and Taeyeon, fighting! ^^

    1. Karikumayellow

      Well, if you think about it, SM is SM “Town” not SM “Family” so I guess it’s acceptable. Jkjk :D

      I think the moment when one of SNSD members will be getting married will be amazing though. And then i will feel old :D

      1. eshaeunhaeyellow

        Me too. If they get married, it means I have to get married too.. XD

  4. Mashiyat

    lol very late comment but i don’t know why you were so sure about them having a dating ban because sm artists have made it pretty clear a lot of times they don’t have dating restrictions of any kind, even for trainees. like they literally said they can date whenever. a lot of agencies don’t have the bans and sometimes they say they have one when they actually don’t.

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