Shade – Bad [Music Video Review]

  shade - bad

I was looking for music videos to watch and I stumbled across an artist I’ve never heard of, Shade. I was curious on who shade was and I ended up watching their music video titled Bad.

Oh boy. Does the title ‘Bad‘ stand for bad acting?

First, it shows a girl open a door and she begins to slowly take off her shoes and walk throughout her house. The artist’s voice kicks in along with the guitar and I instantly thought of CNBLUE and Yonghwa’s voice. I like that, a lot.  Anyways, the girl takes what seems like forever to stop walking. The camera still hasn’t shown her face yet. She stops walking and suddenly drops a photo frame.

Yeah, not really interesting. I can hear myself snore as I blankly stare at the video.

Finally, they show her face. Her face is shown to be confused and staring off into space. What are you so confused about?

It turns out the actress was AOA’s Mina but I didn’t notice until the very end of the video

She walks with an angry (?) expression and grabs a red scarf, stares at it and proceeds to throw it angrily onto the floor. Okay then.

Yes, the camera really is this out of focus.

Yes, the camera really is this out of focus.

ok denMina continues strolling around her house and goes into her bedroom and stops by her bed. She balls her fist up in anger and walks into the bathroom to put on lipstick. Next thing she decides to do is ruin the bed by throwing everything to the ground. Then…she sniffs the sheets.

Honestly no comment on this.

Honestly no comment on this.

She writes on the mirror with lipstick which I find sort of gross. When was the last time you’ve cleaned your mirror? Also, you’re going to be putting lipstick onto your lips, gross.

Before finally exiting the house, she caresses a red guitar and knocks it over.

Mina puts on her shoes and walks out the door when suddenly a guy grabs her shoulder. She turns around with tears in her eyes and the video ends.


Finals thoughts?

Honestly I think that the video could have been way better. This music video seems like it was all filmed in an hour or so. I personally think that the song is nice, something that I would listen to when I want to pretend to be in a k-drama. The video reminds me of when I used to film ‘music videos’ with my childhood friends. A lot of staring at objects with a sad expression and throwing it away. Yes, I know, cringe. The acting is okay. I’ve seen worse than that *cough* Blood *cough*.

 Overall I think that the music video was just a last minute thing. A lot of the things she did seemed completely unnecessary. There was nothing interesting at all.

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Thanks for reading.

– Fii

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