(older song review) Big Bang

first off i know that this is a OLD MV. i know that everyone has seen it. but now since there is a quite silence in the k-pop comeback society on things i decided to well go back to where i started and just start to review some old MV’s. i hope you enjoy.

this MV is a very nice touching and strong MV if you really put your feelings in with the feelings portrayed in this MV. this MV made me cry and i hardly cry at anything. this MV visually was appealing and it shows the side of the man that lost his girl that he treasured and how it can spiral out of control. also it shows what jealousy can do to a person if they encounter the person that they loved with another. the singing is great, but the problem is that they don’t look like they are singing when they are incorporating the story in with the singing. the song itself is beautiful. you love the chorus and how the beats change sound very clean it shows that they are a premier and that deserves a lot of respect even from back in 2008.

i hope you like this i am going to make two more today that are old MV’s so if you want me to make one about your favorite band just leave a comment. 

have a great day all fans of music bye :)

big bang haru haru

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