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I think preparation before going to the Kpop concert is ‘one of a kind’. You can’t just go without any preparation that really prepared. You must bring a lot of things and also memorize. Memorizing fanchant! It’s almost like we’re going to prepare for school exams. So many fanchant to be memorized. And we are going to feel ‘stupid’ if we can’t shout fanchant correctly. Is this too much? -,-

And just like before the exam, you must prepare the items for the exam. Pens, pencils and other stationery. And what about the K-pop concert? Of course we also have to prepare a lot of stuff. Start from headband, banner, slogan towel, lightstick, poster, words of support that you created yourself, shirts, etc.. Either that goods are official or unofficial. Really busy and you don’t want to feel like a failure to show that “hey! I’m your fan!”.

And, among goods above, I pay enough attention to lightstick. I think, lightstick is the most important items you should bring with you when you go to the Kpop concert. The light is really quite beautiful when the lights are turned off in the concert arena. Moreover, if the idol wants us to make a sea from lightstick. It can make us awe and goosebumps.

There are two kinds of lightstick, official and unofficial. And now lightstick isn’t just goods that emit light. But also something that could be collected because of their unique design and different from the others. And now I’m going to write about some official lightstick, because of the uniqueness from their design. See below.


1. Block B’s Honey Bee

Block B

Block B_2

When this lightstick first released, I was really amazed at the design. Simple and unique, and also cute like a honey bee. The light is also very beautiful when it is turned on.


2. Teen Top’s Purple Crown

Teen Top

This is the official lightstick version 3 from Teen Top. For the first version, the shape is simple, star-shaped and there is a crown picture in the middle. And for the second version, still star-shaped, but it’s two dimensional and thicker than the first version.


3. 2NE1’s Winged Heart


According to my search, this is the official lightstick version 2. I don’t know how the shape of the first version. But other official forms that I have encountered is two playing cards that coincide with each other.


4. Wonder Girls’s WG

Wonder Girls

Unique and simple with the symbol stands for ‘WG’ is the main point. And the other thing is the box. I think the box looks like an expensive perfume box.


5. BTOB’s Trumpet


At first, I thought this is something that would make a sound, not light, hahaha! And I think this is the only lightstick that isn’t shaped like a “stick”.


6. BAP’s Matoki


From the beginning of their debut, they have been together with Matoki. So I’m sure since then, these boys will continue with Matoki for each of their products. Including this lightstick.


7. Big Bang’s Yellow Crown

Big Bang

One of the legendary lightstick, from one of the leaders of Kpop group. But I think there is something different from the lightstick in the image above. Is this the latest version? Because as I recall, Big Bang’s lightstick shape not “long” like this, but a little “fat”.


8. 2PM’s Crystal


I’m not sure how I should call this lightstick. But after seeing its pretty fancy shape, so I decided to call it ‘crystal’. Who know what it’s called, please tell me.


9. B2ST’s White Rose



Just like Big Bang’s yellow crown lightstick, B2ST’s white rose also one of the official lightstick that pretty iconic among all of official lightstick. Both picture above is the official lightstick version 2. But I think there are different. The box is clearly different. But other than that, I think flower in the first image isn’t blooming. And in the second picture already blooming. And the box for the second picture, also includes B2ST latest logo. So maybe that’s why they seem to bloom for the latest version, LOL


10. MYNAME’s Mic



Maybe they are one of the underrated group in Korea. But not for their official lightstick. You can see how the shape is, and how beautiful when they are lit.


11. 4minute’s Purple Diamond


Another beautiful lightstick, this time from the unique girl group 4minute. Simple with a white stick and a purple diamond on it.


12. B1A4’s Yellow Skull Head


The shape is really not sinister as its name suggests. Their lightstick is a cute skulls with heart-shaped eyes. Then there is also a red bow tie on the “neck”.


And, it is my list for the official lightstick which has a unique design. And I have to point out that they are just the official lightstick for Korea. Because some of them also have other designs that isn’t less unique, for official lightstick in Japan.


Aren’t they very unique and cute? Do you have one of them? And, are there any I missed?


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  1. Karikumayellow

    I love lightsticks although i own none. I really want Block B’s one. Though i am not a fan of 2PM, i like theirs a lot as well. I think 2PM’s is a torch? I am not sure. :D

    About Big Bang’s – yeah, it’s the newest version. :D

    1. eshaeunhaeyellow

      I want Block B from the beginning I saw them. And also B1A4, it’s very unique :)

  2. nita

    BAP & B1A4 lighstick very cute. I still doest has any of them. I want that matoki but this time I think I’ll not buy it bc of TS & BAP case.

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