Netizens thoughts on 2NE1 disband and Taehyun leaving Winner

The shocking news about 2NE1 disbanding and Taehyun leaving Winner both in one day was too much for fans of both groups. Fans expressed there sadness through our Instagram @itsygconfessions. We posted two posts about each news, while we cant show all the comments here, feel free to have a look at all the comments [post 1] [post 2]

here are some comments:

Taehyun leaving

  • seleneclytie This is really shocking. I’m not exactly sure what happened but I think taehyun was lucky that his contract was terminated coz if he had been in a different company, they would never let him go, regardless of any illness. ???
  • chrissiiha Some say he will come back when he is fine again but I am not so sure :(
  • _crystal_ng_ I can’t imagine WINNER without taehyun’s voice????????
  • bellemaxrivers I’m really sad that he is leaving but I’ll continue support them even more now
  • marianela_06_23 This is really heartbreaking and WINNER without Teahyun’s voice is incomplete, but depression and anxiety disorders aren’t something easy to treat and forget, they may take even years, so for now let’s show all of our support to Taehyun and WINNER ??
  • bianx_2021 I really hope that taehyun will still follow his dream and produce his own music. Its just really sad, because, winner got me into kpop. And i really appreciate what they have made me today. Well whatever happens, i just hope nothing bad happens to teahyun or winner.????

2NE1 disband 

  • dj_itz_me about 2ne1,honestly im hurt,why did yg just tell us the truth from the start,from the time that minzy did not renew her contract,why did he tell us that there still 2ne1 consisting of 3 members,but the truth is bom did not renew!! shit!! it hurts you know!! fells like im being foolled!!
  • luciaaat5 I’m crying. Yg seriously doesnt know how to treat their artist right. I will always love and support 2ne1, they mean all to me, but this makes me so sad, I can’t handle it.
  • nazllymadi Please YG please. I’m willing to wait for 5 more years but not disbandment Please. I haven’t go to any 2ne1 concert And i’ve been saving my money for that Please YG Please ?
  • mariana_guo So, when minzy left they already disbanded. None of them resign as a group in may and yg lie that the other three was shocked by minzy’s decission. He even lie that 2ne1 will have comeback in summer to keep the fandom. No wonder minzy’s father threatened to spill the tea. Poor minzy to take all the blames and hates for months while she can tell the truth. Yg is the real snake here
  • mugiwara_no_sarah When Minzy left you were all like you snake , and now for bom it’s oow poor girl ? hypocrite
  • 6em1n1_83  I’m @daraxxi ‘s fan since scq days. I wouldn’t know kpop if not coz of her esp #Bigbang, #2ne1 & YG.. I’m so freaking disappointed with this annoucement. YG should’ve at least Release their Summer CB Album as his promise before announcing this sh*t!! How inconsiderate of u YG towards Loyal #Blackjacks that help u put on that High Pedestal!!! Let’s see if ur newbies can maintain u on top of that pedestal once BB enlist.. I wouldn’t be surprise if Winner & Ikon will have the same faith with their 2ne1 noonas. tsk tsk
  • 1994lbs Both Minzy and Bom didn’t renew their contracts on May

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  1. kittykitty

    I saw Dara fancam that she give secretly letter to her fans to spread it to all Blackjack but the heartbreaking is she should’nt post it to her own SNS.
    It reminds me of when she Give a simple hint to our BJ “2NE1 is like a puzzle without one isnt Complete” she is a truly angel :'(

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