MyFavKPop iOS App Press Release

MyFavKPop for iPhone®, share, rank, chat, and message others about all your favorite K-Pop videos.

[USA] — March 9, 2017 — MyFavKPop has been uploaded to the iOS App Store for iPhone® and iPod touch®. MyFavKPop allows users to keep their top 10 K-Pop music videos and constantly update them as they change.  Users can then share and view other users top 10; globally and locally.   There’s a list of all the #1’s updated in real-time as well as chat and messaging features.

MyFavK-Pop is dedicated to the global K-Pop phenomenon.  Users are able to express their love of new artists and support well known k-pop groups and artists.   Push-notifications allow artists to quickly communicate with follows and keep them up-to-date on all their new music.

Any mention of the MyFavKPop app across your blogs or social media channels is requested and greatly appreciated.  Opportunities for cross-promotion and interviews are welcomed and can be requested @ or  

MyFavKPop Features

  • Chat with all users or only users in your locality
  • Users that follow each other are able to message directly
  • #1 Videos are constantly updated in Real-Time
  • Send Invites to your social networks for all K-Pop enthusiasts

Pricing and Availability

MyFavKPop is available for FREE. MyFavKPop is designed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. MyFavKPop requires OS 9.0 or newer.

App Store Link:

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