My Top 10 Not Title Track Songs of January 2014 (Grandpagyu)

January is one heck of a comeback month. I was impressed by so many songs that were released this month. Sometimes people often listen to title tracks and don’t bother listening to the other tracks on albums. I personally like listening to full albums because I always discover amazing songs from them. So, here are my Top 10 NOT Title Track Songs of January 2014!


Number 10

GOT7- Like Oh

GOT7 is the new hip pop group from JYP Entertainment. They made their recent debut with Girls Girls Girls. My favorite track from them by far is Like Oh. If you asked me, I would’ve had them debut with this song instead of Girls Girls Girls. Another Song I recommend is Playground.


Number 9

TVXQ- 10 Years

The title track is Something. I really like 10 Years because of the creativity. I love how the song includes so many of their previous song titles. Other songs I like are Off RoadMoonlight FantasySmoky Heart, and Love Again.


Number 8

Rain- Marilyn Monroe

Rain is finally back with his double title tracks, 30 Sexy and LA Song. I have to be honest I didn’t like either of the two songs. But I really like Marilyn Monroe. Other songs I like are Baby and Dear Mama Don’t Cry.


Number 7

AOA- Under The Street Lamps

The title track is Miniskirt. I’ve always liked their catchy music. This one is no exception. I would’ve LOVED it if Under The Street Lamps were the title track instead.


Number 6

4Minute- Only Gained Weight

This song surprised me. I wasn’t expecting these type of songs from 4Minute. The title though. My current situation haha. I hope 4Minute will have more songs like this in the future. If they do, I would totally love them more than I already do.


Number 5

Topp Dogg- I know

The title track is Open The Door. I’ve liked them since they released Cigarette. “I Know” is like a treasure I found from their new album.


Number 4

B1A4- Oh My God

B1A4 FINALLY made a comeback with Lonely. That was how I felt when I didn’t have new songs to hear from them. As for Oh My God, I can’t find the audio on YouTube, so you might need to dig it up (or download it) yourself.  I was really impressed with the album and I loved all the songs from it. Try it out, you won’t regret it. I promise! This is my favorite track from the album. I’ve heard that it was composed by Park Shin Hye’s brother. How cool is that? Some other songs I like from the album are Baby, Seoul, and basically the whole album.


Number 3

T.O- Lies

Okay, technically this does not belong in this list because it was released on December 30, 2013. BUT. I love this so much and I think it deserves some highlight. So let’s just ignore the fact that it does not belong here and enjoy his beautiful vocal. T.O is from MPire. I wasn’t a fan of them until I heard this song. I was speechless. And now I am a fan of him and the group.


Number 2

Royal Pirates- See What I see

The title track is Draw The Line. I’ve never been a fan of them until their Draw The Line album came out. This album deserves to be #1. Seriously. The whole album is a masterpiece.


Number 1

Royal Pirates- On My Mind

As I’ve stated above, I am in love with this band. They are so underrated it’s not even funny. I absolutely adore this song. The first time I heard it I had to give myself a minute to take in the this amazing song. 


That’s about it! Tell me which ones you like the most and if I missed any songs you want me to check out!






I know
Like Oh
Oh My God
On My Mind
Only Gained Weight
Royal Pirates
See What I See
Topp Dogg
Under The Street Lamps
2706 4 0 0
  1. ChessPoweryellow

    Wow, I didn’t even noticed that there were that many comebacks in January.-.
    Good beat!
    I really agree with you about GOT7 Like Oh… I even would put it in one of the top 3.
    There a lot of songs that I didn’t even know them. And some are really good. Especially Royal Pirates… I heard about them, but never tried to listen to their music. They got some songs which I really loved!
    But there one thing I can’t agree, ToppDogg’s I know. Why? Because I think Open The Door and -Eschatologist (my favorite song lately)- are much better than “I Know”.
    One thing is for sure, I got a new playlist thank to you. Great review!
    P.S. Thanks for the links… that helped me soooo much. :D

    1. Grandpagyuyellow

      haha no problem! Glad you liked it. I guess it all depends on our own preference. That’s why I put in my top 10! I like softer songs more so that’s why I liked I know more than open the door. I don’t know, open the door sounded funky to me. Eschatologist is a bit strong for me too. It all depends. ^^

  2. Sierranotthemist88

    What about girls day something? What did u think of that or…Gain’s ‘FxxK U’? With Bumkey?

    1. Grandpagyuyellow

      I posted these before Gain’s song came out. And Girl’s Day Something is a title track. Here I am targeting my favorite non-title track. But I do love both songs! :) For Gain’s the lyrics are really deep and the song is catchy but I don’t think I would download it cuz of the cuss word. It’s awkward to listen to that in front of my parents so.

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