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I know it seems like it’s been awhile since I just sat down and wrote an article/ review for you guys. I’ve been so busy with work, getting back into covering songs and doing collabs, studying Korean, making plans for the future and talking to Kcon. I’ve also been applying for side jobs and trying to find ways to make more money. Another reason I dont write all the time is I don’t always have a lot to say and I despise writing short articles. So now that there is and has been a lot going on I’d like to write this massive update with my opinion on all these past and up and coming events.

Jeon Hyosung- Goodnight Kiss MV and album


OMG! I am a huge Hyosung fan. Ever since I first watched Shy Boy, which was the first Secret MV I saw, I have loved Hyosung. She has always been my favorite. When I first started doing Kpop collabs on youtube I was often casted as Hyosung. I guess I sound kind of like her when I sing.  However none of those old collabs are on youtube anymore. But I am considering covering ‘Goodnight Kiss’. So I’ll let you guys decide for yourselves when you hear me.

Not often do I feel like the right song was chosen for the MV. However, in this case I agree 100% with TS ent’s choice. Goodnight Kiss, to me, is the most catchy song on the album and I feel like it’s a great song for Hyosung. Although I wish they would have included just one ballad on the album. But I feel like they did a good job on this mini album. All the songs are catchy and give off a similar feel.

~The MV is freaking flawless. I think I drool a little everytime I watch it. Hyosung is absolutely beautiful and everything she wears and does just makes her look even more beautiful. She is a slightly thicker woman than most who promote/promote solo. She pulls it all off so well though. The only thing I wanted more than a Hyosung solo release is a Sunny solo release. Which I gaurantee will happen sometime in the coming years. Back to the MV. Every outfit fits Hyosung not just in size but in feel and personality. She personifies the image they are trying to give off. She, even back in Secret’s ‘Madonna’ and ‘Magic’ eras, personified the attittude that ‘Goodnight Kiss’ gives off. The dance is insane and shows that she has mad dance skills. I tried to learn it yesterday. Let’s just say I know how to do a couple moves and I was really sweaty afterwards. If you want to learn the dance, get started now. In effect, the dance, outfits and song are amazing and if you haven’t seen it I recommend you go watch it now!

~ ‘Goodnight Kiss’ is known as a ‘trap lalluby’ for it’s slow beats mixed with the ‘trap’ breakdowns. For those of you that don’t know ‘trap’ music originated in the late 90’s early 2000’s in rap music. For more info click Here. After listening just once I was hooked. It’s a calm, yet fun, song. I find myself singing randomly during the day. It’s a catchy song that I bet once you hear it you’ll love it too.

~여자를 몰라 (Don’t know Women) is a fun duet by Hyosung and 제이켠 (J’Kyun) talking about how women can be complicated, but it doesn’t mean we don’t love our men. It fits perfect with the album and is just fun to listen to.

~ 밤이 싫어요 (I hate the night) To me is just a statement made well. She is saying she hates the night cause it’s dark and scary. She hates being alone at night. She wants company. Now, the song is a little racy. I don’t really like the message of the song since I love Women Power songs and this is the opposite of one. But the beat is catchy.

I pre-ordered the CD+DVD. I will do my best to remember to post an unboxing video for you guys. I should get it within the month. Can’t Wait!

EXO K&M Overdose MV and Album(s)


For now, I’m putting aside the SM/Kris issues to just talk about this amazing release.
Since this album has more than 3 songs I’m not going to talk abot each song individually.

The MV is so much fun. I like seeing K&M together in MVs. I feel like it gives them more room for expression in the MV and definitely makes it easier for them to do some awesome camera shots. I honestly can’t say much more about this MV. It’s another great EXO MV.

The album is a bit of a mix of different things. Although , to me, it’s reminiscent of the past EXO albums. A hit single, some hot hip-hop sounding songs and a ballad or two. Good album overall.

SM spells trouble (Kris files a lawsuit)

So by now I’m sure you’ve all heard the news and the rumors about Kris filing a lawsuit against SM entertainment. I don’t want to talk about this for long. What I will say though, is that I hope everyone can be at peace. This whole situation has caused such a stir in the Kpop Community. We all know this is a messy business and nothing is gauranteed. But I also understand that everyone can get attached to an idol. Kris was my first Bias in EXO. But I’m not going to go out of my way to get angry at anyone. I am just going to let it go and let it play out however it will. I hope all of you can do the same.

Baby Kara Project


Now on a lighter note, let’s talk about this. Since Kara’s contract ended and 2 members decided to move on DSP is searching for 2 members to help Kara continue. I, personally, am loving this concept. And I’m sure the other girls who don’t make it will continue to work for DSP as trainess and will debut later on. I cannot wait to see who they add to Kara and what the group will come back with when they do. So far I like all the girls and don’t mind whichever two end up in the group.

What are your thoughts? Did you like ‘Goodnight Kiss’?
What’s your favorite song on ‘Overdose’?
Are fans overreacting again?
Are you excited for the new Kara?
Let me know in the comments below

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