Kpop Idols That Resemble Dolls

These kpop idols take ‘getting dolled up’to a whole new level. Take note that by ‘doll’ we aren’t referring to as plastic or fake but similar look to a specific doll type.

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This one’s not exactly a doll but Bratz did sell doll versions of these cartoon. If you’re old enough to remember this show then consider yourself lucky. Bratz were the hot ‘kids’ back in the old days, they are known for their plum lips and pretty features. They were one of the few cartoons were the characters constantly changed their clothes. Kai’s visual stands out with his sun-kissed skin tone and plum lips we can’t ignore the resemble to the male characters in Bratz.

Goo Hara
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While  Goo Hara doesn’t look like a doll all the time, this one picture is an exception. Her posture, long black hair, and tiny face/features make her look like Ball Jointed dolls. Ball Jointed dolls are expensive and slightly human-like dolls which are popular among collectors.

Park Bom
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Most fans call her alien for her 8D personality but her visuals are doll-like, even her pre-debut has a un-human like beauty vibe from her puppy eyes to her porcelain skin. She doesn’t resemble one specific doll but in her ‘missing you’ music video she gave off a Victorian China Doll vibe, the ‘you can look but don’t touch’ kinda doll.


Fan swear Lisa is the human barbie from her blonde hair, (sometimes)blue contacts and flashy smile. Her stylists choice in outfits makes it more convincing. Just like Barbie, Lisa has a classy and stylish look.


Unlike the rest of the idols on this list the doll looks like V rather then V looking like a doll. This doll became viral when fans noticed the similarity between the idol and said doll. Just like Goo Hara this is also one of those Ball Jointed dolls. The dolls feature and makeup looks like it’s taken inspiration from BTS’s V in Blood sweat and tears video.


Shinee (minus Onew)

This one was deliberately made to look like ken dolls because that’s the general concept for the makeup brand ‘Etude House’.
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