Kpop Idols That Left Their Group: where are they now?

Life goes on even after you leave a job or workplace and it’s no different for these idols that left their groups. Here we have a look at some of these idols after leaving the kpop world. This post will not be discussing reasons for leaving and or company issues.

Ukiss’s Dongho
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After leaving the group at a young age Dongho became a DJ and got married at the age of 20, he is currently a father.

2NE1’s Minzy
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Since her departure from 2ne1 she has done phootshoots and will get her first solo debut with a OST for the drama “Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People”. She’s also one of the newest cast in season two’s ‘Sisters slam dunk’.

F(x)’s Sulli
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After leaving the kpop scene Sulli has expressed herself more freely and took a U turn from her youthful and cute persona that was once seen during F(x). She has been in the media for her controversial SNS posts (fried rice, phallic shaped  ‘I love you’) and photoshoots that resemble themes of Lolita. She will be shooting a bed scene along side Kim Soo Hyun for a film.

Winner’s Taehyun

Other then being caught hanging out with Sulli and Hara, Taehyun has expressed his desire to continue singing. He created a tumblr and posted his recruitment post as he wants to create a band. He’s currently working and building his own studio from scratch, the passion is there.

SNSD’s Jessica
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After SNSD Jessica focused on her fashion brand Blanc & Eclare and opened a shop in New York City. She may have left her group but she didn’t leave kpop as she debut as a soloist.

Exo’s Kris and Luhan
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Both Kris and Luhan followed similar paths by promoting in China. Luhan and Wu Yi Fan, as he’s now addressed, has gained attention in Hollywood for their acting roles in “The Great Wall” (Luhan) and “XxX: The Return of Xander Cage” (Wu Yi Fan). Both Luhan and Kris have released songs different from the type they sang in exo and have already featured in multiple movies and CFs. It was recently revealed Luhan’s shooting a movie that also features Exo’s Lay albeit they may have shot it separately. Speaking of EXO there’s a reference to exo in the movie XxX: The Return of Xander Cage, intentional or not, one character says “They are called EXO GLOVES” in which Nicks(Kris) says “That’s my style tho” similar to his iconic term ‘chicken is not my style’.


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