Kpop Idols Pets That Look Like Their Owners

There’s a belief that most pets look like their owner and it’s no different to kpop idols. Here we countdown some idols that share similarities with their pets.

Exo’s Sehun

Meet the internet meme for kpop fans, Vivi. Fans swear Vive is the pet version of Sehun from the expressionless look, personality to the eye smile. Sehun is known for his poker which is also shared by Vivi too, like father like son.

Twice’s Tzuyu
Image result for tzuyu dog

Something about the dogs gaze, small lips and hair colour is a lot similar to Tzuyu. Look just how cute this picture is.

Image result for sulli cat

Sulli really likes these hairless cats since she has more then one but this one in particular looks kinda like Sulli. The cat frowns a lot and Sulli posts a lot of frown expression (downwards gaze) poses on her Instagram. Not only that but Sulli has very pale skin with pink undertone just like the cat.

2NE1’s Bom
Related image

Bom is known for her puppy-like eyes so it’s no surprise she looks like her pet Choco. Sadly Boms dog Choco passed away last year.

Super Junior’s Heechul
Image result for heechul cat

Heechul has a lot of cats and realistically if he was any animal he’d be a cat, he has a rounded cat-like eye and his cats fur matches his hair. Heechul and the cats also have the same face shape, it gets narrow from the cheek downwards.

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