Kpop Fans in MO?

Hi, I’m a kpop fan from MO.

I know people in MO don’t really know kpop, but its sad that there arn’t really many kpop fans. I want to know if anyone who lives in MO, and loves kpop, I would be very happy. I only have cousins who live in MO likes kpop, but I want more people in MO to kpop too.

I always envy that other places have kpop concerts and festivals, so, I wrote this article to call anyone from MO, who also likes kpop to come out :).

It may sound weird that I’m writing this to know anyone who likes kpop and is from MO.

Wherever you are, I want more kpop fans to expand here.

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  1. Calen

    Do you mean like the state? Because if so… I’m from MO!

    1. Minnielee

      Hey! I’m from Neosho, Missouri. yeah I’m way in the south west. I’m happy to see you! ^^

  2. Kim

    I’m from St. Louis. Going to BTS in Newark and Chicago!

    1. Minnielee

      I’m from Neosho, its nice to see you!^^ and you lucky butt, going to see BTS xD

      1. PinkArrmyVIPOnce

        Hi Im Marijane,from Philippines Im an Army,hehe halata ata sa name…nice to be here…

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