Kpop Duets perfect for Valentine’s Day

Single or not its nice to feel a romantic vibe when it come to the day of LOVE! We will list below kpop duet, in no particular order, that were cute, lovely and perfect for Valentine’s day.

Soyou & Baekhyun

Let’s start with the most recent and the one that was for made for Valentine’s day. Sistar’s Soyou is known for her killer duet and Baekhyun’s killer vocal match well for the perfect Valentine’s day.

Gdragon & Dara

Trust Gdargon to teach you how to get a girl with his song hello featuring Dara.

Jimin & Xiumin

This cute MV is fun for valentine’s also let’s appreciate how Xiumin has more lines in this song then he ever has in all EXO songs together.

Joy & Sungjae

This cover and  fluffy performance is so cute and romantic and just screams Valentine’s day. Minho’s expression when Joy’s dress changed was every fans reaction!

Baekhyun & Suzy

This song is so sweet like dripping honey.

Hyuna & Hyunseung

Who said Valentine’s day was only about Lovey dovey stuff which is why we can’t ignore a sexy duet!

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