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Maybe now is a difficult period for most fans, especially EXO fans. Some are happy, some are still surprised. So that’s why I made this article. Korean children’s songs! Hopefully can make you smile again :)

There are many sides of the idol that can entertain us. Of the many sides of it, one side of which makes us fall in love is their childish side. Basically I don’t like men who have a lot of aegyo. But sometimes I could fall love with a childish man. Sometimes. One of them when they act like kids, plus when they sang children’s songs.

So, the following is a list of Korean children’s songs that became my favorite. See them below!


1. Gom Se Ma Ri / 세 마리 (Three Bears)

I think, there is no fans who don’t know this song. If they aren’t familiar with this song, maybe they are rookie fans XD Not only the song, you have to know how the choreography(?) for this song. Basically, this song tells the story about the bear family consisting of father, mother, and baby. You can see this song, most notably in the drama Full House. Where it is said that since Song He Kyo sings this song in one episode, since that’s when this song became famous.


2. Gwiyomi Song / 귀염이 송 (Cutie Player)

Other songs lately become hits among idol and fans, Gwiyomi Song. BTOB Ilhoon said to be the first idol who sang this song for “idol version”. Choreography for this song is really easy. You just need to use your hands. 1 + 1 = Gwiyomi ^^


3. San Tokki / 토끼 (Mount Rabbit)

This is natural if one of you probably aren’t familiar with this song. I was originally like that. Until finally I watch VIXX Plan V Diary. There may be watching this show besides me? Kkk~ In the 5th episode, or in the last episode, the members, or more precisely (only) N, hold ‘Superstar N’. Where N is the jury, and five other members become the participant. This song became my favorite because, Leo sings it! *sorry for biased so much hahaha~*

The song is a simple story about a child who is curious about what is being done by the mountain rabbit. 산토끼, 토끼야~~ :D

Leo’s version here! ^^


4. Number Song 

My other favorite song that I know through ‘Superstar N’. This time, Hongbin sings it. Hongbin said that he would sing a national children song, and he sang this song. This song basically tells the story of an expression of love, and the lyrics using numbers for every beginning of the lyrics. For example:

            “4 (sa) ! SAranghae neol saranghae~”

            “5 (o) ! Oneureun malhalgeoya~”

In Korean, ‘4’ is ‘sa’, and ‘5’ is ‘o’. After each number shouted, then you can add the lyrics afterwards.

Actually I’ve ever heard this song before, in WGM Leeteuk – Kang Sora. It’s just that time Leeteuk changed the lyrics, according to what he wants to say to Kang Sora.

Hongbin’s version is here, and Leeteuk’s version ‘Sora Song’ here.  


5. When I Grow Up / 나는자라서

The third song that I know from ‘Superstar N’, and this time the singer is Ken! Hahaha~ Imagine him singing just makes me laugh. Ken actually already sing a song before, and this song just for his ‘encore’ performance. And his performance with this song success to end ‘Superstar N’ at that time, with boundless laughter XD

The song tells about what you want to do when you grow up later. N himself wanted to be money, when he is growing up. Strange~ -,-

Ken’s version is here, and he really screwed this song XD


6. Danggeun Song / 당근(Carrot Song)

I don’t know for sure where I heard this song the first time. But I think this song just like the ‘Number Song’, you can change the lyrics according to what you want to say, because this song is also able to show love. Ah, Lee Joon ever sang this song for his former on-screen wife, Oh Yeon Seo, in one episode of WGM. He changed ‘Danggeun (carrot)’ with Yeon Seo.


7. Television / 텔레비전

I first heard this song in SHINee Hello Baby. When the SHINee Appa and Yoogeun doing karaoke when they are on vacation. From what I caught from my ears, this song tells the story of how happy a child if they come out on TV.

SHINee and Yoogeun version here, start at 3:30.


8. Dooly My Friends / 둘리 내친구

Other songs that I know from SHINee Hello Baby. If not mistaken this song played at the beginning of the episode when the SHINee Appa hasn’t met with Yoogeun. There are several children’s song that played at that time, but I prefer this song. If not mistaken this song played on Minho part here, start at 2:37.

This song tells the story about dinosaurs. If I’m not mistaken, Dooly is a dinosaur.

And, oh yes, do you watch ‘My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho’? I don’t watch it, actually. But my sister, the drama enthusiast, showed me an episode where Lee Seunggi sing to Shin Min Ah. She asked “have we heard this song”? And, here’s the song! Lee Seunggi just changed the lyrics, here.


9. Wake Up Song

The third song that I know from SHINee Hello Baby. Those of you who watch this show definitely know when this song played. Yep! The song was played to wake the sleeping SHINee Appa. Who can sing this song correctly, will be free from the task of making breakfast. Truly a memory. How old Yoogeun now? 8 years old! o_o

The song tells the story of a child’s preparation before heading off to school. SHINee’s messed up version here! XD


10. I Love You Song

I don’t know the official title for this song. And I also don’t know where I heard this song for the first time. But it seems I often used to listen to this song as a ringtone, if not the idol, someone. The song is really simple. Only ‘saranghae saranghae’ throughout the song.


It is the Korean children’s song in my list. If there is any left, you can add it. What is your favorite children’s songs?


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  1. emma-kim

    Whaaa :’D It made my day ;D I watched Plan V Diary too, I really liked how Ravi sang ‘his’ song: (1:40), I laughed so hard, because he’s a rapper and he tried his best to sing those high notes :’D Maybe you know how that song is called? Leo is my bias too (from boy groups, not in general :)). I love his shyness and manliness :)

    1. emma-kim

      OH I watched Plan V Diary again, it’s called Sun Guard :) But I can’t find it on YouTube…

        1. eshaeunhaeyellow

          Sorry to make you answer your own question. Yes, the title of Ravi’s song is ‘Sun Guard’. And I was disappointed that they had to cover his voice, at the highest pitch. I love all the songs they sing. Just because Hyuk sang the Digimon OST, so I don’t really know :D

          Have you tried to find the title with hangul >> ‘선 가드’?

          1. emma-kim

            Yeah, I tried, because it’s original name of that song, but YouTube said: No results. That’s sad because I would like to hear the original version, not Ravi’s version…

          2. eshaeunhaeyellow

            But if not mistaken Ravi say ‘robot’ when singing. Is this also an OST? hahaha ~

          3. emma-kim

            Haha! I heard that too, so at first, I thought that it is called Robot :D

  2. YJ

    I’m looking for the lyrics and translation of a song from my childhood but can’t find it anywhere, does anyone know a song that goes something like, “at our house the shoes are lined up in a row, in a row, in a row, in our house, the chopsticks are lined up in a row, in a row, in a row” ?

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