January and February Debuts/Comebacks (Grandpagyu)

I’m back! Haven’t been making posts for a long time since school has been busy and I was waiting for something awesome to write about. I’m still waiting for that something to arrive. When it finally does, I’ll be making my epic post. Keep an eye out for it! Meanwhile, enjoy this!

2014 is one epic KPOP year! And we’re not even half way there yet! Here are some of the comebacks from January and February that I took notice of, in no particular order.

January Comebacks



AOA– Miniskirt

I haven’t been keeping up with AOA. The first song I liked from them was Confused. I have to say this comeback was my favorite. Yes, I thought it was too sexy at first, but I have to admit the song was really addictive. I’ll definitely be watching out for them in the future! Another song I like from this mini-album is Under The Street Lamps.

girls day

Girl’s Day– Something

Definitely one of my favorite comebacks of January! I liked them since they released Expectation, like most people. Something took me by storm. I was not expecting it to be this good. I crowned myself as a Daisy because of that song. I’m quite sad that the album was a mini-album, but it is a very decent album. Another song I liked from the album is Show You. By the way, my epic announcement has to do with this lovely group. Expect it ;)


Cheondung (Thunder)– Gone

I love this song. MBLAQ has always been one of my favorites music wise. I can’t wait for their comeback! This song is gorgeous. Thunder and his writing talents. Wow. I was really impressed. Another song I liked from him is Don’t Go.


Rain– 30 Sexy

Yes, the king is back! Honestly I didn’t really like this song or LA Song. They’re not my style. But 30 Sexy grew on me. I did like the other softer songs from his album, Rain Effect. Songs like BabyMarilyn Monroe, and Dear Mama Don’t Cry. Either way, glad he’s back in the scene. 



I’ve never paid attention to this group until this comeback. I don’t like this song. I still don’t. However, I LOVE this song, Just Go. A solo from leader Subin featuring Illhoon from BTOB. It’s such a beautiful song. This song made me like Dalshabet! You can buy a signed copy of this album on MWAVE.

Topp Dogg Mini Album Vol. 2 - Arario-600x600

Topp Dogg– Open The Door

Again, this song is not my song. It did grow on me a little. I’m still not quite sure whether or not I like this song or not. I was really excited when I knew they were having a comeback because I loved Cigarette from them. It’s my favorite song from them. My favorite from the Arario album is I Know. Such a stunning song.


Royal Pirates– Drawing The Line

They literally just because one of my favorite groups music wise. I’ve heard of them before but didn’t really pay attention. This new album certainly got my attention. I thought this song was decent but not the best at first. I was ready to dismiss them, until I heard On My Mind and See What I See. I was mindblown. Where have they been all my life?! Can’t wait for their new album. And I was ready to buy their autographed album from YesAsia…then I realized it’s out of stock already…Anyway, check out the English version for Drawing The Line



Okay, I really like him because of Running Man, so I decided to check his songs out. Pretty epic, I’ll give you that. It did grow on me a little though. But really not my style. Especially the music video for Shower Later. Way out of my league. I actually checked out the full album in hopes of finding a song I like. Nope, no luck there. 

1551563_253232304846132_999754660_n (1)

B1A4– Lonely

At first, the song sounded a little strange to me. Especially when Jinyoung started singing/talking in the beginning. But after replaying it a few times, I fell in love with the song. I have always loved B1A4’s music. The whole album is a masterpiece. So glad that they are getting recognition for this album. I love the whole album but my favorite is Oh My God. I’m not quite sure why I can’t find any of their new songs on YouTube. But that was like a little sample of it. You can do research on your own for the full song…or buy the album.


TVXQ– Something

At first I didn’t like this song, at all. It was too jazzy for me. But after watching them perform it live on music shows, I liked it a bit more. But my favorite from the album is hands down Love Again.


Ailee– Singing Got Better

Words cannot describe how much I love her. She’s such an amazing person with a stunning voice. This song is beautiful as well. I need a full album from her! I’ve seen that she is coming back in February but not sure if that’s a rumor or not. 


2BiC– I Love You

Absolutely stunning. That’s all I can say. I’ve loved their songs since their debut with Made Yet Another Woman Cry. I honestly thought Joo Won and Lee Min Ho (no not that one) are the ones singing. I was shocked by how good looking and talented this new duo is. Excuse me. I still love 2BiC regardless. Talent is talent. Now that I think about it, this was my first encounter with Joo Won. He is one of my all time favorite actors right now. Oh yeah, I dare you to watch that music video without feeling any heartache. Go on, try it -evil laughter-.


Airplane– How R U?

Wow. I didn’t they who they were before this. But DANNNNG. This song is gorgeous! These type of songs are my favorite! I can never get enough of them! The music video is pretty fun to watch too! Check them out! You won’t regret it!

January Debuts


GOT7– Girls Girls Girls

The super rookie from JYP Entertainment! As I’ve stated before in my review for this song, I didn’t really like the song at first. However, I can see the charm of this song now. It’s catchy. I disagreed with JYP’s choice of choosing this song as the title track at first, but now, I agree with his choice. Other songs I really like from the album are Like Oh and Playground. I actually bought a signed, yes autographed copy of this album from YesAsia because I wanted to support them. You can get your copy too! I originally bought one from Mwave, oh don’t even get me started with what happened there. I’ll rage about that another time.


BEAT WIN– She’s My Girl

It’s a decent song, but certainly not the best for a debut. It sounded just like another KPOP song, like everyone said. However, it’s enough to keep me interested. I will continue to watch them. Hopefully they can bring something new to the KPOP world with their comeback, whenever that may be. They do have potential, that’s all I need to know.


KISS & CRY– Domino Game

Yes! My favorite girl group debut of January! Wow, they are like SPICA talent wise. They sure can sing! This song is so catchy. I love it. I love it. I love it. Such a strong debut song! Can’t wait to see more from them. The leader, Dia, has been gaining much popularity for her cover of Let It Go from Frozen. I’m very impressed with this group. 

February Comebacks


SPICA– You Don’t Love Me

They are definitely one of the most talented girl groups vocally. All of them have amazing vocals. Sadly, these types of songs are not my style. I can see the Lee Hyo Ri’s style in this song. I love that. She has great eyes to spot such a talented group. I’m so happy that they are getting the attention they deserve lately! My favorite song from them is Painkiller. If you like this song and want to support them, you can buy a signed hard copy of this single on MWAVE.

Rainbow Blaxx - Cha Cha

Rainbow BLAXX– Cha Cha

Not a fan of this song, but definitely a fan of the album. I never paid any attention to them until this comeback. I’m glad I did because they have some great songs on the album. I like Last Word and Silhouette.


B.A.P– 1004 (Angel)

This album is epic. I’ve been waiting for their return and they did not let me down! I was a little too excited about their comeback. When the album medley came out, I knew this album was going to be amazing. At first I thought this song was alright, but then after listening to it a few more times, I fell in love. My favorite tracks from the album are Body & SoulSave Me, and With You. Oh, and congratulations on your first win B.A.P! Proud of all of you!


Bangtan Boys (BTS)– Boys In Luv

Another group I have high expectation for. They did not let me down, at all. Wow, another masterpiece from BTS! At first I thought this song was a little choppy but it grew on me…like always. This group has so much talent. I hope they can win number 1 soon. This album is amazing. My favorites are TomorrowJust One Day, and JUMP. I love that their raps are meaningful and they talk about topics many KPOP groups don’t touch on. I just bought my copy from MWAVE. There’s a 50% chance the album will get signed. Wish me luck~ ^^

Topp Dogg Mini Album Vol. 2 - Arario-600x600

Topp Dogg– Arario

I know, this song is part of their January comeback. But Stardom Entertainment just released the music video for this song 2 days ago. This song is very fun and has a nice influence of traditional feel to it.


Yoo Seung Woo– Hesitating Lips

He has grown so much since the last time I saw him! I got to know who he is through KCON 2013. I met him in person and got an autograph from him. He was so adorable with his baby cheeks and all. I was a bit surprised by his sudden transition. He is the same age as me but he looks like an oppa now. When I met him he pointed at me and went “Oh! Hair!” since we had similar hair (bangs). It was the cutest thing on Earth. I will definitely continue to support him in the future! This song is gorgeous. As expected from him!


Gain ft. Bumkey– FxxK U

This is one deep song. I actually really really like the lyrics and the tune. But it’s awkward for me to listen to this song in front of my parents. The music video is also very intense. It’s a very symbolic way to describe a destructive relationship. This is why I love Gain. She is not afraid to sing about what she wants to say, despite how people may judge her. I was hoping she would make a clean version like G-Dragon did with That XX so I could listen to this song. My favorite song from the album is none other than her duet with Jo Kwon, Q&A. Excuse my Adam Couple feels. I’ve been waiting forever for them to reunite. Their duet, We Fell In Love during their We Got Married was adorable. -sigh- I miss them. They had so much chemistry together. One of the few real and natural couples. It’s great to see that they keep in touch, even if they are just friends. 

84gm (1)

SoYou ft. Junggigo– Some

I was extremely excited when I knew that SoYou will be making a comeback! I’ve almost thought she was underrated in SISTAR. Vocal wise all the spotlight was stolen by Hyorin. I understand it though. Hyorin really is amazing. But SoYou deserved a lot more attention that she was receving before. Glad that she found herself some recognition recently. I fell in love with her voice after her Stupid In Love duet with Mad Clown. Honestly, I liked Stupid In Love a lot more than Some. But both songs have different charms. Some grew on me. While all the girls from SISTAR are charming in their own way, SoYou has stolen my heart. I find her to be the prettiest, espeically with this comeback. Wow. She looks drop dead gorgeous. The music video was adorable with Baro from B1A4 and Dasom from SISTAR. Adorable couple. Ship sailed? Yes, most definitely.


Roh Ji Hoon- A Song For You

About time he made a comeback! It’s like CUBE forgot about him or something. This song is completely different from his debut with Punishment. He has an amazing voice and he is very handsome. What more can I ask for? Love this comeback!


Pro C. ft. Ailee– Love Hurts

Don’t get me started on how much I love this song. Ailee’s heavenly voice fits perfectly with Pro C’s epic rap. When Pro C. first debuted, they purposely covered up their faces because they didn’t want to be counted as idols who girls swoon over for their good-looking faces. I see where they’re going. But they really are good-looking. Wow. Can’t wait to see more from them! They have talent!


Stellar– Marionette

What’s up with sexy concepts lately? One or two is okay but this one is totally overboard. Honestly, their dancing can’t really count as “sexy” since it’s way out of the league. And that butt scratching thing…no. I feel really bad for them for having to sell their bodies like this. The song is actually decent but the music video totally ruined it for me. You can buy your signed copy of the album on MWAVE. Wow, the benefits for buying this is really epic. You get a special badge and their autograph for $12.99 including free shipping. Dang. 



Saving the best for last! My babies are back! C-Clown is one of the few groups I can always count on music wise. Always. Yes, this is completely different from their usuals. I loved their Shaking Heart and Far Away comebacks. Honestly, I was a little disappointed when Justice came out since it’s so different. I really liked their acoustic side. That’s what made them special. But after hearing song a few more times, I could see its charm. Because of this new bad boy style, they have been gaining popularity lately. Which is wonderful since they were son underrated it was frustrating. And they looked amazing. Especially Rome. Dang, look at him! Their outfit is so cool. I want it! Hopefully their album will contain acoustic songs I love. They pre-released Tell Me ahead of time and I love it! Will continue to cheer them on in the future! Fighitng!

Upcoming February Comebacks


BTOB– Beep Beep

I’m super excited for this! BTOB always had great songs! I fell in love with their Thriller comeback album. And I’ve listened to the snippets for the album and they sound stunning. I can’t wait anymore! February 17 please come faster!

[UPDATE] BTOB’s mini-album came out! Read about it here


Girl’s Generation– Mr. Mr.

About time they’re back! Although their comeback is going to be delayed for two weeks. i can’t wait! This song sounds like it will be super catchy!

sunmi full moon

Sunmi– Full Moon

Yes! She transformed into a vampire! That teaser scared me to death. There I said it. Can’t wait for her comeback! I can tell it’s going to be awesome. You can buy her album MWAVE now and hope yours get signed!

[UPDATE] Album is out! Watch music video here and listen to the album here.

Other comebacks include CN Blue2NE1, and Boys Republic. Exciting comebacks coming soon!


If you actually read through all of this, come here and let me give you a air five! Wow, that was the longest post I’ve ever written. Thank you for reading and tell me which comeback is your favorite!


Kiss & Cry
Pro C
Rainbow Blaxx
Roh Ji Hoon
Yoo Seung Woo
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  1. hellokayyellow

    I haven’t listened to all of these songs/albums, but I really loved “Marilyn Monroe” on Rain’s album, “Drunken Night Tune” on Gary’s, B.A.P’s album, Ga-in & Bumkey’s “Fxxk U”, Royal Pirates “Drawing The Line”, BTS’ album (though skits aren’t my thing on albums), as well as SPICA & Kiss&Cry’s singles. A lot of people are talking about AOA so I got to check them out! And of course I’m anticipating February! SNSD, 2NE1, and CN Blue coming up!

    1. Grandpagyuyellow

      You have great taste! Give other songs a try too ;)

  2. Kc

    Domino game is an awesome song!!! u rarely see debuts this good

    1. Grandpagyuyellow

      Yes! I was really surprised!! They will definitely go far!

  3. chococreamyellow

    Royal Pirates’ autographed album is still available in the Soompi Shop! :D

    1. Grandpagyuyellow

      Yes, I know!! I wanted to get it but the shipping..i don’t have anything to combine it with T.T And I already got the got7 one from yesasia…-cries- ;”(

  4. 9husbandsyellow

    So many songs were released for the past 2 months! I did not know about other artist or groups that made their debut or comeback. This article is very informative for me! Thank you =) I´ll check out their songs now!

    1. Grandpagyuyellow

      You’re welcome~ Enjoy :D Tell me which ones you like! ^^

      1. 9husbandsyellow

        Now, because of you I´m into TVXQ´s Love Again! This song is so nice to hear! it kind of makes me fall asleep. My new lulabby!! hehe…
        I also really like Soyu&JunggiGo´s SOME.

        I noticed that you like to buy stuff in MWAVE. I also really like MWAVE but since december I cannot use it anymore. It just shows DNS FAILURE. Why does it work for you and not for me? (my english keeps mixing up, i dont even know why…. kekeke)

        1. Grandpagyuyellow

          hahaha you’re welcome ;)

          Oh that’s strange. Mine works fine. Maybe you should email mwave about it: mark it technical difficulties . Hope that helps! They usually reply pretty quickly.

          1. 9husbandsyellow

            It is really strange! Maybe MWAVE is not Europe bias that´s why it does not work… keke
            I have tried to email them but I still need to log in but the BIG Problem I cannot log in. DNS FAILURE!! BAAM!

          2. Grandpagyuyellow

            Try emailing them here:
            I use that to email them and they reply :)

          3. 9husbandsyellow

            Ok. I´ll email them now. i hope they fix it! thank you =)

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