How I became a Kpop fan, and how I used HaruHaru to produce VIPs.

How I discovered Kpop.

One lunch break, we went to my classmate’s home. It was not that big and we were cramped up in their sofa.

While talking we found this pirated DVD-yes, pirated DVD’s are a trend in the philippines- with a cover of 9 girls wearing colored jeans. I asked my friend to play it, for there was nothing fun to do. The first video was entitled Gee by Girl’s Generation. WE really thought that the lyrics in the video were the exact one, but the fact that it was english was weird.


One day, I searched through the internet and found out that the lyrics we memorized were actually from an anti video. The lyrics were full of f words.

While searching, a friend of mine recommended to open this certain group called 2ne1 and their video fire. She told me that Sandara Park was in the group and that got me curious. The song was amazing and before I realized it I just kept singing eh eh eh eh.


The next day I searched for the singer of Stand By Me and found SHINee’s Juliette. That day I sang Juliette~ the whole time.


I became an avid fan of 2ne1 and SHINee that I watched all their videos. I watched 2ne1TV, Hello Baby, Yunhanam and every peformances of the group.

I was there when 2ne1 released I Don’t Care and when SHINee released Ring Ding Dong. I even bought their albums and memorized all their songs.

I came across different fandoms in class especially ELFs, Inspirits, and Hottest. And I actually became one of them also. I started watching K Variety Shows especially running man. I started dancing to Girl’s Generation’s songs.




One day, while watching 2ne1’s Music Videos, AGAIN. I came across this one certain video entitled HARU HARU of Bigbang so I clicked the video. There goes my tears, my shirt was soaking wet, and the emotions kept pouring. On that instant, I became a VIP. I watched and downloaded all their Music Videos, watched all the nearly non existent variety shows they’re in. And downloaded songs I liked.

That was the time I also realized that buying physical albums was never a good idea.

4 years after, I’m still a big BlackJack and VIP. I’m even a YG Stan, I stan Winner, Jailbaits Team B, Akdong Musician, Lee Hi, and Epik High. I also think that Gummy was a big lost in the company, and I’m missing se7en a lot.

I’m telling you, I produced more than 30 VIP’s in the past 4     years using the Music Video Haru Haru. :)


Girls' Generation
Lee hi
Super Junior
1898 2 0 0
  1. L.Moyellow

    LOL…i love it!! I feel in love with BigBang through Haru Haru also! i know where you are exactly coming from!

  2. iceblaze17yellow

    Haru Haru seems to be a place where most people started to listen to Big Bang. Kinda sad that Gummy is gone from YG, but YG isn’t focusing on their solo artist as much, so it’s kinda reasonable why she left. I have a feeling Se7en might leave YG too.

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