Have you ever wished your favorite song by your favorite group had a Music video?! Or maybe you’re interested in hearing remixes? As I was browsing through YouTube, I found a guy who makes pretty cool videos ^^ MRKPOPJPOP! He takes the song and makes a compilation of short clips from already made videos. They’re really good… Of course sometimes the lips kind of don’t match, but it’s as close as he can get it. I wanted to share my Top 3 Favorites from him!

1.) Make Love- BIGBANG

2.)Ora Yeah- BIGBANG

3.)Stay- BIGBANG

Check out the rest of his videos. His most recent upload was a remix of Ringa Linga by Taeyang ^^ He added R.O.D. by GD ft Lydia and Baddest Female by CL ^^ <3

Make Love
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  1. L.Moyellow

    Those are good…i like it when they do MashUps…

    one of my favorites:

    1. Ari

      Ohhh I love it!!! I like Mashups too… There was this other guy DROKAS and he’d make mashups >_< I liked them a lot ^^ My favorite was the 2NE1 mashup <3

      1. L.Moyellow

        Ah i haven’t heard that one….i like the YG family ones because i can hear all my favorite artists in one…keke…but yes, mashups are pretty amazing…lots of talent to make the beats flow into each other very smoothly…

        1. Ari

          I love YG Family! Especially their mashups >_< They have so many talented artists and together they're amazing! ^^ I've always wanted to play around with music ^^ I'm starting small & easy lol just changing the voices, like female groups. I make their voices deeper to sound like guys ^^ Haha hopefully I'll get more into it and start making mashups!

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