Yay! Who’s excited about EXO’s comeback. Now, after a year they’re making a comeback in the music industry. After all those pain, struggle, and losing 2 of their members, EXO is coming back to slay all of us! Now, I want to make a little review about their 2nd Album ‘EXODUS’ Korean Version. Check this out! :D

Give you some wink wink

Give you some wink wink

1. Call Me Baby

Start off this album with a masterpiece song named “Call Me Baby”. As the tittle song of this album itself, this upbeat song is very addicting once you started to listen it. The bridge part though, kinda remind me of B2ST’s “Beautiful Night” but it’s good too! The rap part is good too as expected. And the vocal part is very very good too! A very must to hear this song because it’s just so good~ I’ll give this song rate as 5/5.


The second song of this album is “TRANSFORMER”. Composed by Kenzie, the same people who write Kyuhyun’s “At Gwanghwamun”. Some kind of hip hop song with a nice beat. The “boom boom” part is addicting for me too. I can’t help but to listen to this song over and over again. Baekhyun’s high note is amazing too. A good song to hear when you’re in the mood of hip hop feels. I’ll rate this song as 5/5 too.

3. 시선 둘, 시선 하나 (What If..)

The third track has some kind of ballad feeling. The slow melody pleased your ears right away. The vocals’ harmonization is really good. It give you some warm feels. It’s good for those who like a mellow song. I’ll rate this song as 4.5/5.

4. My Answer

With piano as the background music, this song give us some sweet feeling. “The answer is you” and “You’re my everything” part is sooooo sweet too. With a slow melody and good members’ vocal harmonization make this song sounds so rich and amazing. A good song for those who like a sweet yet slow song. I rate this song as 4.5/5.


A smooth song. Completely my type. The “Dangerous, dangerous, she is so dangerous~” and “Exodus, exodus, it’s my exodus” part is amazing too. One of my fave song on this album. My rate for this song is 5/5.

6. El Dorado

A song with not-so-strong beat but so upbeat. Honestly this song is not really my type, but this song is one of their teasers before they officially debuted too. But this song is good anyway! I give this song 4/5.

7. Playboy

Written by SHINee’s Jonghyun, this song is Chen’s fave track of this album. Have some a sexy feeling. The music is good and it fit EXO members’ voice very well. I could fully understand why Chen choose this song out of 10 songs as his fave on this album too. This song is so smooth yet sexy. The rap part is amazingly good. I can’t say anything more for this song. Totally a masterpiece. 5/5 for this song.

8. Hurt

I was trapped by the intro, I thought this song is gonna be a slow song but no, it’s an upbeat song. The reff part’s background music is unique too. The melody is so so so good. The rap part is kinda sexy too especially with that kind of voice. This is gonna be my second fave song after “Playboy”. I love the last “It hurts” part, it’s sexy. I’ll rate this as 5/5.

9. Lady Luck

A very sexy song one. This is extreamly sexy especially the opening part ohmygod I can’t even. When I was searching what is the meaning of “Ludy Luck” and I honestly so surprised too. I don’t know how to continue this, but this song is so good good good and good. You must listen to this song. My rate is 5/5.

10. Beautiful

The last and closing song. I don’t know why but when I listen to this song, it always remind me of “Angel (Into Your World)” song. Smooth and sweet song. As beautiful as the tittle, it is very pleased to hear this song. So relaxing and warm. I love this song. I give this song 5/5.

Overall is 4.8/5

As expected from EXO who always deliver us a high quality music. With more improved members’ vocal and music talent. All these 1 year waiting is not such a waste because EXO really give us something to treasure like the songs in this album. A very great album one. Every members’ voice blend well in thsi album show us that EXO is not about some specific members but EXO as a whole group. A new start for EXO as a 10 members group. I definitely will love this comeback. Good luck EXO!

Don’t forget to watch their official MVs on YouTube guys!

Thank you for reading! Bye~

P/S: Sorry for the very short review since it’s my first time and I sincerely apologize for any grammar errors since English is not my native language. I really want to win KBeat March Giveaway. I do really want EXO’s EXODUS album! Thank you!

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  1. ChessPoweryellow

    Awesome review!
    Was really fun to read it. Your english isn’t bad! At all!
    My favorite songs are El Dorado and Hurt. I think I like them much more than CMB, but CMB isn’t that bad song either.

    Hope to see more reviews and articles from you ;D

    1. sgjpgyellow

      Aww really? Thank you so much!! ;; 3 ;;
      Yesss El Dorado and Hurt is good! :D
      Thank you!! I’ll write more in the future! ^^

  2. PaoAhZhaiyellow

    Good Review~ My favorites song Lady Luck and Exodus. ^^

    1. sgjpgyellow

      Thank you! Oh yes those songs are very very very amazing :D

  3. Lee Hyo Yeon

    WOW awesome revieww!! I really like EXO – EXODUS album all there songs are catchy.. too bad I wasn’t able to attend there concert EXOLUTION xD

    1. sgjpgyellow

      Awww thank you!!! ;; 3 ;;
      Yess I know right x3 Aww too bad then ;; Hope you’ll able to attend their concert in the future! :D

  4. JaiBlue32

    Great review! I love the album so much. My favorite song is Beautiful. I play it over and over. It’s just so addicting I can’t stop listening! I can’t wait to see you review other albums!

    1. sgjpgyellow

      Thank you!! ;; 3 ;;
      Yeah Beautiful is such a beautiful song isn’t it? ;D
      Thank you so much! I’ll do more album review in the future! ^^

  5. JJyellow

    Congrats! You just earned a {$beltColor}({$beltNick}) belt by this article.
    Keep up the good work!

  6. wow

    perfect review! Exactly same as I think!

    1. sgjpgyellow

      Thank you!! Wooow really? That’s great then! ;D

  7. Rida Farhatyellow
    Rida Farhat

    Great review ^^ Short and to-the-point!
    My favorite tracks would be Call Me Baby and Hurt!

    1. sgjpgyellow

      Thank you so much!!
      Yeah those songs are good! I like Hurt too! ;D

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