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[EVENT] Let’s learn Korean with Hallyu stars! Fun and easy Korean learning application.


Hello friends!

Are you struggling to learn Korean by yourself? How about you to learn it with Hallyu stars?!

There’s a fun and easy app that you can learn Korean with them.

EVEN there is an event that you can get Hallyu stars’ presents,

so please read through the article!



  • What’s DANBI?



“DANBI” is made by handwriting design donation by 5 Hallyu stars: F(x) Luna, Red Velvet Irene, Astro Cha Eunwoo, actor Jingu and actress Han Jimin.
DanBi smartphone application is designed to make it possible for people all around the world to learn and study Korean easily. You can apply Hallyu star’s handwritings to the DanBi application and learn how to write Korean letters. You can also listen to the useful everyday conversation, and learn Korean naturally.




More specifically, you can learn how to write consonants and vowels, syllables and 1 to 3 words. You can also study Korean by listening the recorded voices, video references and 100 essential conversations. All the courses will be customized by the Hallyu star’s handwritings chosen by an user/which an user chooses.
Furthermore, in order to make users to use Korean in their daily lives, there’s the function that they can write letters and share those to personal social media sites such as Facebook or Instagram. They can also send the letters to the Hallyu stars.


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All the profits earned by DANBI will be donated to KOFICE’s ‘Hangeul ODA(official development assistance)’ in the names of Hallyu stars.

  • Presents: DANBI GIVEAWAY!!

Let’s learn Korean with Hallyu stars! Fun and easy Korean learning application.

6 winners will get rose-gold necklaces that have Cha Eunwoo’s handwriting + Christmas gifts sets. (Presents will be sent randomly)


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  • How do I win?

There are different ways to win the GIFT, and you can try all of them:
1. Android: Download the official DANBI app at Google play.
Rate the app, +1 it, and comment whatever you want to express or tell us about the app. Don’t hesitate to give us a harsh comment, we will be more than appreciated, as we try to improve the app better and better.
We will select the best commentator for GIFT giveaway.

DANBI App Download link:

2. Like the following post (Sharing is recommended ;D)
And post your own photo or video with DANBI with #DANBIAPP in the Facebook page.
The winners will be picked based on how much you were involved in the various actions.
DANBI Facebook Link:
3. Follow the official DANBI Instagram Page.
Like the following post (Sharing is recommended ;D), and Instagram your own photo or video with DANBI app, of course with #DANBIAPP.
The winners will be picked based on how much you were involved in the various actions.
DANBI Instagram Link:



Fill out this form for us to reach you! We need information of you to choose you as one of 6 winners :)
이름 / 나이 / 성별 / 국적 / 연락처 / 이메일
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  1. Stephanie

    Are you guys planning on launching the app in the app store? I have an iphone, and I would like to use the app as well.

  2. AngelaPham

    Yay!!! I am so in love with this app ??? It’s so much easier to learn Korean compare to other apps. I like how it even pronounce the words and the correct way to write it. My favorite function is that you can change the font to your idol handwriting ? I can’t wait to learn Korean and write a letter to Eunwoo ??? #DANBIAPP #DANBI

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