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If you get as bored as I do, you could try turning that boredom into some crafty stuff. Every so often I get these creative kicks and I just want to make things. Lately I’ve been really inspired by BTS’ wardrobe. Their stage clothing is so simple that I was like… hey why not I try my hand at recreating some things inspired by them. I actually did an inspired recreation of BTS’ Suga, if you’d like to see it then let me know… it’s not very impressive though since it’s VERY simple.

Here are the shirts that I created as a result of  being really bored with nothing to do and having too many plain t-shirts laying around. I also love B.A.P’s Matoki so I put him on a few things here and there. (:

Anyone can easily recreate these since they’re so simple. Typically people use acrylic paint to paint their designs onto a shirt, but I decided to cut out the design from scrap fabric (in my case, old clothes that I didn’t wear anymore) I had. I find that this way I can guarantee that they’ll stay and not wash off after washing and wearing it later. I bonded the designs onto the shirt using fabric glue. You can also sew if you’d like but fabric glue was just easiest for me. I think the shirts look fun and you can sport your favorite group simplistically. PS: I might have done a lot of BTS things, but I’m a BABY all the way~ b”d

It’s also fun to add your favorite group or your bias. I put mine at the back on the bottom because I like to balance things on the shirt. The joys of designing/making your own shirts.

Another thing that I actually did a while back was making my own rings. I was inspired by the Rovix rings that VIXX wore during their Super Hero and Rock Ur Body promotions. Since there was no place to actually buy a Rovix ring I found a way to make my own. I did get a little carried away while making these rings though.

I’m not much of a BTOB fan and making their logo was difficult but fun. I’m not completely satisfied with it but it was my first time so I’m okay with it. I hope that I’m not the only one that does these kinds of things when they’re bored.

Doing these kinds of things are really fun and are a great way to pass time. It’s really rewarding to see the ending outcome. I hope you all got inspired by seeing these and try making your own~


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  1. nminhthy68

    Omg they are so good!!! Ill definitely do that one day!!

    1. chengsationyellow

      Thank you so much~ yes you definitely should and post it up I’d love to see your own creation! ^-^

  2. conl96

    I think this may be my favorite post I’ve read on Kbeat so far! This is so creative! I’d really love it if you told us how you made the rings :D I can’t wait to try this out!

    1. chengsationyellow

      Wow, that’s such a great compliment! Thank you so much! I’ll try to write something up if I have time~ ^-^

  3. miyokatsune

    Your creations are really unique! Good job :) Would you think about starting to sell them in the future?

    1. chengsationyellow

      Thank you~! I’ve never really thought about selling them only because I didn’t think they were good enough for people to want them. xD If people expressed interest in any of them then it’s something that I’d definitely look into. ^-^

  4. JJyellow

    Wow, this is amazing creation

    1. chengsationyellow

      Thank you so much! It means a lot to me that people actually think that the outcome of my boredom is good~ ^-^

  5. MissAdventyellow

    These are really incredible! I want to try making my own Kpop goods too, because buying them is always a problem. I love the Rovix ring especially~

    1. chengsationyellow

      Thank you! :D The Rovix ring was one of the first things I made because I absolutely loved them when I saw VIXX wearing them during their lives. I definitely suggest anyone to try making their own things because it’s really fun~ ^-^

  6. Grandpagyuyellow

    So cool!!! How did you make them? :O

    1. chengsationyellow

      Thank you so much! As long as you have a general base you can really create anything. Both the tshirts and the ring materials were reasonably priced and all you have to do is put what you envision into reality and you basically have your very own Kpop merch~ ^-^

      I don’t necessarily thing you need to be talented to make them though, as long as you have a plan anyone could definitely do it. Although DIY things do take a little bit of patience and planning. xD

  7. Grandpagyuyellow

    So cool!!! I wished I had the patience and talent to do that haha xD

  8. Karikumayellow

    Yeah, you should make a tutorial on the rings. xD Did you cut the shape of logos out or did you get them somewhere? o.o

    1. chengsationyellow

      For the rings I had to create a design template of the logos and then I traced the design and then cut them out and colored and all that fun stuff. They did take a little time, but it was fun. ^-^

  9. KpopBrandyyellow

    These are awesome. You should sell some of the ones you make and make tutorial videos so everyone else can learn step-by-step how to make the shirts and/or rings. ^_^

    1. chengsationyellow

      Thank you~ but I don’t think they look good enough to be sold honestly. OTL
      If specific people are interested I guess I can custom make some but even then I’ve only made a few and they’re not really all that good. xD
      I’m terrible at explanations though, but thank you for the kind compliment~ ^-^

  10. winniexoxo

    do you sell them? lol you would make a lot of money out of that

    1. chengsationyellow

      If you or anyone else is interested in buying a ring I did decide to set up a page on my Tumblr here: ^-^

  11. mjocketyellow

    Omg I love this! It’s so cool, and you are very talented C:

    1. chengsationyellow

      Thank you! They’re actually really simple to make so no talent required. xD

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