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These are just a few dramas I’m watching that you might be missing out on.

Doctor Stranger : Starring Lee Jong Suk and Kang So Ra

As a child, Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) and his dad were kidnapped and taken to North Korea. He grew up there, learning to be a doctor just like his father. When Park Hoon escapes back to South Korea and begins work at a prestigious hospital, he makes it his goal to earn enough money to go back to North Korea to rescue his true love. He’ll do anything to find her, but then he meets and falls for a mysterious woman (Jin Se Yun) who looks exactly like her.

Episode 7 was released yesterday. The storyline of this drama has a lot to do with the past the effects the present. I really like Park Hoon. He is smart, caring, and fast-like yet he is charming and cute. The relationship he has with Song Jae Hee is kinda typical, but not really at the same time. He wants to be with her no matter what and would never accept it is she is dead. Han Seung Hee is the chick trying to be Jae Hee and mess with Park Hoon’s head. There are some times where i just really dislike her >,< Han Jae Joon and Oh Soo Hyun are dating. But sometimes i wonder if he loves her or not. Plus i think he’s planning something or knows something. Oh Soo Hyun has a lot to deal with, from family to feelings. I think she’s caught up in her emotions right now. Lee Changyi is played by SISTAR’s Bora :) I trying to figure out if she likes Park Hoon or not. I’m glad to see Lee Jong Suk play a doctor, he acts really well when it’s doctor mode. It’s a nice drama so far that makes you want to know if the real Song Jae Hee is dead or alive and if she will ever come home. It also makes you wonder will Park Hoon ever avenge his father.



Triangle : Starring Lee Bum Soo, Hero Jae Joong, and Im Si Wan

After a tragic accident, three young brothers are separated. Years later, Detective Jang Dong Soo (Lee Beom Soo) is dedicated to tracking down his siblings, but discovers that his brother Jang Dong Chul (Kim Jae Joong) is a major crime boss, aka Heo Young Dal. Meanwhile, with no memory of his real family, a cold Jang Dong Woo (Im Si Wan) lives a privileged life, but must contend with Young Dal when they both fall for Oh Jung Hee (Baek Jin Hee). Blood may be thicker than water, but not when your family is your enemy.

Episode 7 was released yesterday. The storyline revolves around a father’s death and the 3 separated sons. Jang Dong Soo is really caught up in his past and wants to find his brothers. He’s an adult trying to find his missing pieces of life. Heo Young Dal is real thug like since he’s been on the streets since he was 8. He likes to gamble a lot and dreams to be in the championships. He doesn’t remember having brothers or any family. He thinks he’s alone and is touched by Oh Jung Hee’s family whom rented out their side room to him. He is a young adult who is stuck in the middle, but does what he needs to do to make money. Yoon Yang Ha is the youngest brother, Jang Dong Woo, and doesn’t know if he had a family. He was just adopted by some rich CEO to be raised into the gambling business world. He finds out about his father’s past, which is connected to him, but he doesn’t know that. Now these 3 brothers have been talking to each other, interacting with each other, even on a bad page with each other. And they don’t sense at all that they’re bothers, yet. They love lines in this are simple and mature since it’s not even the main plot. This is probably one of the best melodramas I’ve watched so far. It makes you anticipate on when these brothers will come together and whether they are going to find out the truth about their father’s death.



Golden Cross : Starring Kim Kang Woo and Lee Si Young

In this thrilling melodrama, the Golden Cross is a group of the top 0.001% richest and most powerful Koreans who control politics and the economy through conspiracies and stratagems. When Kang Do Yun (Kim Kang Woo) gets involved with one of their schemes, his sister ends up losing her life at the hands of one of its leaders. After his father is framed for the murders, Kang Do Yun vows to bring the corrupt group down, becoming a prosecutor seeking revenge. His plan gets complicated, however, when he falls for the daughter (Lee Si Young) of the very man responsible for the death of his family.

Kang Do Yun is a supposed to be prosecutor and a taekwondo expert. His sister is murdered and his father is framed for the murder.  His father has to go down too, though, because he was the team leader of a bank; therefore he knows just too much(money and business wise). His father is executed by the same person who murdered Do Yun’s sister. Since Do Yun can’t be a prosecutor since his father is a “murderer” his sunbae takes on the case. His sunbae, Seo Yi Rye, is the daughter of Golden Cross’s President. Her father also happens to be the real murderer. Do Yun falls for Yi Rye so she can trust him more and get closer to her father, whom he knows is the real murderer. Do Yun has many allies who know that Seo Dong Ha is the real killer. Including Michael Jang, Seo Dong Ha’s former student, who knows all of his teacher’s movements. Michael hints to Yi Rye about what her father has done. Yi Rye tries every excuse to fool herself that her father isn’t the killer. Until she fits the puzzle together. Episode 12 is the latest episode I’ve watched and I’m thinking it’s the end there is no way Seo Dong Ha can prove himself not guilty, but there is still 8 episodes left! I’m trying to figure out what is there left. This thrilling drama makes you want to watch till the end to seek the justice of all these people.




These are just some of the dramas that I’m watching right now. Most people are watching Your Are All Surrounded, which I am also watching. If your in to JDramas I am watching “Partners By Blood” is really funny yet it has a lot of action. Tell me which dramas you’re watching^^ Later~S.K^.♥

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