Cover Battle ( EXO vs BTOB vs Seventeen)

I have seen videos from EXO, Super Junior, BTOB, and Seventeen singing a cover of a song from Take called Butterfly Grave. 

[Unseen Pre-debut] 090531 EXO-K Baekhyun (Take)테이크-나비

The video above is EXO-K Baekhyun and other two unknown people singing Butterfly grave by Take. I really think it would be better if it was only Baekhyun singing there. Because the other two sounds a little bit off. 

But, I really think it would be much much better if the whole EXO would sing it or may be some other members from EXO.

[TH-SUB] BTOB – 나비무덤[Butterfly Grave]

BTOB as usual they are always good in singing. They really have good melody together and they know how to use their voices well. They sound like a professional singers.

Butterfly Grave – Seventeen’s Jihoon,Seokmin,Seungkwan, & Jisoo

Finally, the group many people have been waiting to debut, the group Seventeen.

They haven’t debut yet but, they’ve been performing a lot already. 

If you listen to their voices when they sing, you can really see that they have a lot of talents. They are ready to debut. What is really nice about them is that they are really young to make a very good cover of the song. As you watch the video, you can really feel the emotions. The group sounds really good here. 


Who do you think made the best cover?

For me, Seventeen really did the best.

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  1. Tessie

    Merci bien pour ce test Petite correction si j’ose, le 1Dx et le MKIII n’ont semble il pas la même cellule d’exposition, seul 63 zones du 7D pour le nouveau 5D.Sinon que pense tu du tarif ?ça fais pas mal de plus face au Nikon D800 qui lui est tropicalisé Avec une cellule 91’000 Px capable de reconnaître un visage.comment explique tu cette différence, as tu un avis ?De même pour le nouveau 24-70 II à 2’300.- ça rebute !Pêtage de plombs généralisé chez Canon ?J’ai du mal avec leurs stratégie à deux viss8set&#e230;…

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