Congratulation, You are invited to Megan’s Fan-meeting (1st Draft)

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Here you have the details of location and schedule as below. 
1) Location : 
(English) Culture Reservatory, MapoGu JeongSan Ro 87, MapoGu, Seoul 
(Korean) 서울 마포구 증산로 87 문화비축기지 
(location Map)
(location Details) 02-376-8410 | 문화,예술 > 복합문화공간
2) Schedule : 
29th of October(Sun) 
-1200pm~0130pm  KPOP Concert (KARD, Show me the money’s hip-hop stars)
-0130pm~0200pm  Megan’ Live-streaming Show with DKDK TV
-0200pm~0300pm  Megan’s Fan-meeting 
3) Some More, 
마포구 서울월드컵경기장의 ‘문화비축기지’는 41년간 일반인의 접근이 불가능했던 마포 석유비축기지가 도시재생을 통해 시민 품으로 돌아오게 된 문화공원입니다.

The Culture Repository Base used to be the emergency oil repository base which means people can’t access for the past 41 years. Now it was remodeled and finally resurrected as culture spaces.

이를 기념하여 2017년 10월 29일(금주 일요일) 낮에 유명가수들이 참여하는 무료 콘서트를 비롯 다양한 문화행사가 펼쳐집니다.  (콘서트는 K.A.R.D.를 비롯 6팀의 가수들이 참여합니다)

In celebration of the successful change, 2017 29th Oct (This Sunday) there will be great opening ceremony that includes pop concert, culture exhibitions in the venue. (The concert will be free and there will be 6 famous artists including KARD which has 35 million views by a single song)


그리고 당일 60만 구독자의 메건(Megan  Bowen),  남미 65만 구독자를 보유한 나르디(latinasaram), 그리고 한류 강자 제니가 30분씩 라이브쇼를 진행합니다. 기획안이 선정된 유튜버는 본 라이브 쇼에도 초대될 예정입니다.

Also there’s gonna be a live show staring Megan Bowen(600K subbies), Narda/Latinasarm(650K subbies), and Hallyu Celeb Jenny(from Creativeforce).
Each will have 30 min live session,

 4) First Come, First Serve Give-aways from I.SEOUL.U
-K.A.R.D x I.SEOUL.U T-shirts (30 limited)
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-I.SEOUL.U Pouch (30 limited)

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-I.SEOUL.U Baseball Cap ( 50 limited )

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-And More…

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