Comeback of the ANGELS and SISTARS


SISTAR_1434327395_af_org AOA-are-pure-and-sporty-in-the-next-Heart-Attack-group-teaser-image

Kbeaters, Summer time means girl group time. This means that we will soon be seeing a rush of girl groups heating up the KPOP scene. More importantly, SISTAR and AOA will be holding their comeback showcase on the 22nd- that’s right, the same. exact. day.



SISTAR is the senior between the two groups and swept up the charts last summer for their songs “Touch My Body” and “I Swear”. Their past hits have set a high expectation, but their teaser images for their new song “Shake It” make me think they will definitely not be letting us down.



AOA (Ace of Angels) is a newer group in comparison to SISTAR, but since last year all of their songs, including “Mini Skirt”, “Short Hair”, and “Like a Cat”, have been very successful.  The group has finally found an image that works with the public and they know how to win over the crowd. Stay tuned for their new song “Heart Attack”!


Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 3.55.12 PM


So, will you be suffering from a “Heart Attack” because of  this summer, or will you “Shake It” with the lovely SISTARs? Comment down below!

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