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BTOB Comeback Diagnosis

There are a lot of groups whose making a comeback this season and one of them is BTOB. Though a comeback is springing out, there is no assurance of this group reaching #1.


According to netizens, BTOB has a good comeback coming, but the time for their promotions is not of the essence. Since, there are a lot of popular groups coming back, Girl’s Generation, SISTAR, Super Junior to enumerate some, there chances of rising up the charts are slim. They have enumerated reasons why BTOB’s comeback timing is not good and also discussed why the group can’t rise up the charts.


Personally, I am a fan of BTOB, and it saddens me by just hearing this news too. But its the truth. The timing isn’t perfect. I wanted to see them reach no. 1 but its as if they are being neglected and are only being promoted individually. They should be promoted more as a group, in my opinion.


I do hope that they will be promoted more. These boys are charming and talented!


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