BTOB Beep Beep Album Review (Grandpagyu)

BTOB is back! Wow, I’ve missed them! I was VERY impressed with their Thriller mini-album and had high expectation for this new mini-album as well. I didn’t think it was possible, but they blew me away, yet again.

There are 5 songs out of this mini-album called Beep Beep, which is also the title track. Now I’ll break down each song and tell you what I like about each and every one of them. LEGGO~


Beep Beep

Honestly, I thought this song was relatively weak compared to their Thriller comeback. Yes, Beep Beep was fun to dance along to, but the first impression was just…eh. I was fascinated by Thriller but definitely not Beep Beep, it felt too general. But as always, the song grew on me. The “beep beep ba ba” got stuck in my head after playing it 3 times. I actually started liking the song more when I just listened to the audio without the music video. Maybe that’s the problem there. The video. Yes, the tiny cars are fitting, but what’s the point of the girls? Especially when they released teaser #2, I was thinking “WAE?!” I went through the video, I still don’t get the point of those girls. Is it sexual appeal? Maybe. Or BTOB is just trying to have a good time. Take a look at the lyrics:

[quote] I eat and sleep and roll around again

And tears come out again as I think about you
I feel frustrated so I drive and the flowing music causes me to
beep beep beep beep beep
The honking noises are getting in my way babe. [/quote]

Uh, what?

Please explain to me how partying with girls and having fun fit with the lyrics? It’s supposed to be a sad song.

Overall, the music video basically ruined the first impression.

Rate: 7/10


Is This The End

Okay, hands down my favorite track from this mini-album. Only one word, stunning. THIS is why I love BTOB and their music! Wow. I knew this song is going to be amazing when I heard the snippet. Even if this were the only song I liked from the album, I would have bought it. That’s how much I love this song.

[quote] Baby don’t let go I just wanna be with you

Words I can’t believe
I didn’t know what went wrong
You, who was my everything
Don’t leave me

Is this really the end? Can’t we turn things back?
Your scent is still in my room
It’s still there

You will probably forget me now, you’ll forget my voice too
What do I do? I don’t think I can go on without you [/quote]

I love sad, sentimental songs like these and BTOB does them perfectly.

Rate: 10/10


-Excuse my Sungjae feels-


This one is so BTOB style! I like it but not as much as the slow ones. It is definitely catchy. I would love to see them perform this live! I can imagine it in my head, the boys having fun. I actually think this song would make a better title track than Beep Beep. It has more of BTOB swag.

[quote] I’m calling, I want to confess to you

(I’ll tell you) that moment

You say hello and my heart is about to explode
Again today, I want to hear a few words from you
I say ello ello

Don’t hang up, hello? I’ll be brave
Again today, I want to hear a few words from you
So ello ello, hello baby [/quote]

The lyrics are really pure and cute.

Rate: 8/10


Hello Mello

Another BTOB style of song! The English intro was pretty adorable. I like the song but again, not as much as the slow ones. This one is catchy too. I think it could work as a follow up song. BTOB always have nice raps and beats.

[quote]Sometimes, you’re like a girlfriend, sometimes you’re like my mom
You whisper sweet words to me and sometimes we upset each other
You’re so precious to me, I will only love you forever
Will you always stay by my side? Hello hello mello[/quote]

I love the sweet lyrics. It’s like a follow up song for their fans, Melody.

Rate: 8.5/10



Saving the best for last. This song though. Almost drove me to tears, and I’m not even a legit Melody. Yes, it’s a song for their beloved fans. I always love it when artists dedicate songs to their fans. This is probably my favorite dedication, ever. I’m pretty sure Melodies cried when they heard this song. It’s simply beautiful. There’s no other words to describe it.

[quote]Do you remember the day we first met, March 21st
Our love that started out small

Thank you, I can’t express it all
The words ‘I love you’ is not enough
So I prepared this for you
The only thing I can do for you

I will sing for you until the day I die
The melody that will never end
I will sing for you until the day I die
The melody that will never end [/quote]

Be right back while I cry.

Rate: 1,000/10


I think I might just become a Melody. I’m 3/4 there already. Wow. If their next album is as amazing as their previous ones, I’m done. I need to get this album.

Which track is your favorite?

English lyrics:,, &

Beep Beep
Hello Mello
Is This The End
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  1. mjocketyellow

    Nice review you wrote! I really liked their new mini album too ;; <3

    1. Grandpagyuyellow

      Thank you~ I’m planning to get it if there’s a special..but so far no news of it ;(

  2. ChessPoweryellow

    Nice review! I really enjoyed reading it!
    For some reason I’m very disappointed from this comeback… I felt like song in this kind of genre and this kind of title, can be much better than the way they chose to go with. For some reason I loved their past comebacks much more than this one, and I think they missed something this time. I’m not their big fun, but their some MVs and music which I really like from them, so I’m pretty sure they will have much better comeback in the near future :D
    P.S. I’m adding this review to the list of comeback okay? :D

    1. Grandpagyuyellow

      Haha of course! Go ahead ~ yeah this comeback doesn’t seem as epic as their previous ones. But the songs on the album are amazing <3 mwave is holding a meet &greet with them and I decided to get My own copy since its guaranteed autographed!! <3 so excited for it to arrive!!!

      1. ChessPoweryellow

        Oh really? I didn’t check the full album yet as I didn’t really liked their title. From all the songs in the album, which one or two you consider the best and that I should listen to them? :O

        1. Grandpagyuyellow

          If you like slower songs I recommend Is This the End and Melody. Those two are My favorite. But if you like faster songs then Hello or Hello Mello. That’s literally all the songs off the album lol.

          1. ChessPoweryellow

            I have checked the album, and it seems like the whole theme of this album (except the title song) is cutie/ageyo kind of songs. Even the ‘fast’ tempo songs you suggested to me were all ‘calm’ like songs and not badass, electro/dance, hiphop songs like the title song.
            But for some reason, I started to like the title song now haha. I really love the chorus~

          2. Grandpagyuyellow

            The slower songs are really sad though .-. I wouldn’t really count the faster songs as ageyo but yeah the title track grows on you overtime xD

          3. ChessPoweryellow

            Well yeah, ageyo isn’t the correct word, but the “faster” songs in this album aren’t strong or have badass feeling to it, they are all have nice feeling to it. Uhh I have really hard time explaining myself… lol.
            Btw, I started to love ‘Hello’ as well~

          4. Grandpagyuyellow

            lol yeah it’s a smoother, happier type rather than the badass type like Thriller xD

            Hello is a great song <3 I love this album so much ahhh. Super satisfied with this comeback :D

  3. Gabriela

    I think you were too ‘overbiased’ with this album, i think ‘Beep Beep’ was the worst song they’ve had. I didn’t like the choregraphy either since it’s not something really showy.
    I didn’t get interested in this song at all, they are so much better than this kind of song also their voices cannot see clearly with so much of autotune. They’re really good singers and i know that, this wasn’t a really good song for them.. it seems like they still looking for their style of music. I hope the next one will be much better showing what they really are…

    1. Grandpagyuyellow

      Yeah I agree Beep Beep was not a great song. I hated it when I first heard it. But after hearing them perform the song live on so many shows, I started to like it more and more. The album, however, is amazing. The other songs on the album showcased their vocals perfectly. ^^

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