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Block B’s HER! Uh uh! HER! Uh uh! Review

Guess who’s back? YOU HIT THE JACKPOT, BABY!

Block B’s back with their 4th mini-album titled “H.E.R” consisting of 3 new songs: H.E.R, Extraordinary Woman and Hold Me No, the previously released Jackpot, its instrumental and a rough version of last year’s hit song, Very Good, as performed during the end of year shows.

H.E.R Tracklist



Their new title track “Her” is a mix of 60s surf-pop, gospel, rock, jazz and rap; in simpler words, another masterpiece by Zico. Briefly, this song, unlike most of their previous releases, describes their dream girl who’s unimaginably gorgeous causing them to become fools around her.

At first people were so weirded out by the idea of Block B doing a cute concept but then as you start listening to the song you’ll directly say “Nah! This is a Block B song”. Everything about the song from the beat to the raps to the chorus shout Block B. Just one thing’s missing: Kyung’s “aiight”, but don’t worry BBCs covered that part in the live fan-chants.

One of the things that I loved about this song is the somewhat equal distribution of lines between the members. Finally, Jaehyo has more than a tiny phrase and U-Kwon has a chorus! JaeWon fans rejoice! I personally love U-Kwon’s voice since it’s a mix of hoarseness and smoothness. (Is that even possible?) One of my favorite parts is B-Bomb’s “Meorissogi ttinghago eojireowo”. It just helps in the transition from pop to rock which I just loved. Oh and of course, P.O’s coarse addictive voice which makes you swoon. Seriously, can P.O start a rock duo with T.O.P?
And don’t forget Zico’s rap which complements the song and helps in the transition from the chorus to the next verse. Also, his “her uh uh” which will be forever lodged in your head.  Ostrich,  don’t worry. We’ll talk about you later on.

I wanted Taeil to have more lines though, but after thinking about it, he always has the chorus and change is good especially when P.O and U-Kwon have the chorus.




The MV is so out-there. It’s so quirky. It’s so weird. It’s so Block B.  It’s a mix of Block B’s shenanigans and craziness but with a summer-y feel. The MV’s just so bright with all the hot pink and yellow.
As soon as you start the MV, you’ll be blinded by P.O’s highlighter pink hair which makes your scalp hurt. I guess orange’s next or maybe blue! Oooh blue, I want to see that!

Dear Seven Seasons, you should take Zico to consult a doctor about his bubble-y hiccups.

I feel you, Homer.

I feel you, Homer.

The MV then moves onto several eccentric scenes from Jaehyo doing something to a golf ball, him and B-Bomb failing to play golf and throwing a tantrum (Did you think about who will clean up your mess? Huh?) to several playground high jinks .

Get a room!

Get a room!

Oh and you can’t forget the Zico x Ostrich scene. It’s the highlight of the MV. The chemistry between them just blew me away! Zico spits out his rhymes while hanging out with the gigantic bird. They were both so calm and just endearing. K-pop MV Couple of the Year!



After P.O tries to sell us a bottle of Tide HER detergent, the MV transitions to an interview with the guys about their new cute concept. Can I just thank U-Kwon for stopping Zico’s horrendous aegyo? It made me cringe so bad.

Bless you.

After said interview, they continue the song as a live performance on the show while wearing those half baby blue half black  glittery suits (mostly U-Kwon) that were just a big no. Still, I was more focused on the Block B fake band performance which so “pabo” yet so funny. The MV ends with a mix of their shenanigans and fun energy which just energizes you and makes you want to watch it again and again!



If you haven’t seen Block B’s H.E.R, what are you waiting for?! Click here for some Block B goodness![avatar] beexme

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