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Disclaimer – This is my interpretation of the MV and most likely doesn’t reflect YG’s intention and though it may seem far fetched I truly thought of this theory and I cant un-see it so I hope some of you may agree with me.

I think the MV is about artist that are no longer famous and that while a artist may no longer be popular their music lives on.

Reason behind this
I think Blackpink are meant to be a group that are no longer active and the members live their life remembering the good memory they shared and the support they received from fans and they hope to relive it even if its once.

They are all alone in abandoned places which use to be popular (this was also mentioned in the behind the scenes video), this place could just be their mind and the abandoned places could be moments that fans and the other members use to share with them.
In this place, there’s a statue which is usually made to last forever but this ones left and forgotten yet it still stands there. Artist don’t last forever but their music does.

Jennie is standing on an empty table which shows it use to be full of people (fans) but now what remains is the memory, the sign above says “you owe me look what happens with a love” who owes who? does the artist owe fans constant music if they don’t, its not love?
This is the place where all the member eventually meet again and one of the signs says ‘its a good day’ which I’ll get back to later. But for now lets talk about Jisoo expressing her sense of freedom suggested because of the swing, maybe her memory are her source of freedom. There’s also a colour smoke bomb that blow off when she swings, I think she suggested for the other members to meet in that place since shes the first to blow that smoke. The other sign says “heaven is a place where nothing happens” if you think about it heaven is the after life so in the mv jisoo was part of a successful group but the afterlife (future) of their fame shows only memories of the past (the abandoned place), nothing is happening, their music is non changing.
The car says ‘I saved the world today’ but since that car is old it shows how big fans view artist when they are active. The other sign says ‘exit only!’ when a artist is no longer famous fans leave its less likely for new fans to enter the fandom but only exit.
Jennie looks at a jukebox, when you think of jukebox you think of old songs. She’s reminded of her older days as she only has her music that lives on.
This scene shows them bringing colour to a dull world what if its message that they still are here and what fans to stay with them forever and not just their music. The pink smoke was first blow up as a sign jisoo wanted everyone to become one again.
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Going back to the ‘its a good day’ its the day where the group finally come together for a last time. In the end the group only have each other left, also they accept that they wont ever be active so they just enjoy their music as they dance together, however the last scene shows people are watching them but they don’t do anything (usually fans take pics)  this may represent a fans undying love for music even if they no longer follow the artists. The fans aren’t really there nor can the girls see them but I think it shows how  fans are still listening to their music…. music never dies.

famous group no longer famous, they are only surrounded by memory and their music… no more support from fans however the group comes back together to just enjoy their old music and realise that music doesn’t die their hope for fans staying may come true as fans still listen to their music even if they don’t support the group anymore, while Blackpink is new this may be a future message for fans of all artists.

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  1. Ryanngirl23

    I don’t really know what the meaning of the lyrics of stay says but reading this made me sad… While reading this all I can think about is 2ne1… But i hope they make a comeback.. I know it will be a long way ahead of them as they have to re-arrange their old songs to accommodate it for 3 people singing but we know its as CL shoed us how it is done with her US tour…

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