Best Suggested Sites To Buy Original K-pop Music CDs

Kpop music cds

Do you live outside the Korea and looking for the reliable sites that provide latest collection of K-pop music? You must consider these suggested sites to enjoy hassle-free shipping in Korean as well outside Korea.

With the changing style of shopping, many people have started buying all the things online whether it’s an apparel or music CDs or DVDs. And when it comes to Korean music CDs, more and more vendors have sprung up online and started providing K-pop music CDs at the affordable prices along with the hassle-free shipping. Sometimes it can be so confusing that which store to go for? What’s the cheapest option? Which store will give you the quickest shipping? As there are a number of stores provides you different facilities, but with my personal shopping experience, I can suggest you few trustworthy shopping sites that can help you buy a lot of K-pop OSTs online.

Here are the few suggested sites that you can consider for buying K-pop CD or DVD online:

1. Catchopcd

You may not be heard much about this store but I’ve been really impressed with their product price, on time shipping services and amazingly protective packaging of the product. This site may give you the impression of a smaller store, but they have been stocked will all latest CD, DVD, OST collection. is the store from where I’ve recently ordered my latest Korean pop CDs and it’s the cheapest shipping is encouraging me to put bulk order this time. The most importantly, you can get 5% extra discount on your first order by creating an account.

2. Deep Discount

This is a less popular site that most US shoppers use to buy Korean pop music CD because of their free shipping services on orders over $25. Deep discounts are hardly bothered by international k-pop buyers, but free shipping services can really attract such international potential buyers. Shipping is 3-10 days within the US, if the product is available in the stock.

3. K-Pop Mart/ K-Pop Town

It is a kind of another store as they function in pretty much the same way. Prices look really cheap at the outset but the shipping cost is quite expensive. I’ve ordered from both sites and been satisfied with their service although their shipping charges are high.

When it comes to buying latest Korean pop releases, these sites could be the best place to shop from and save a bit on your shipping charges. You can stay glued to these sites by simply subscribing the links of these sites.

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