After all that negative talk lets not forgets everyone participation and the positive side of everyone, even MAMA. We aren’t going to include the awards because that itself is all positive so we’d like to just start being saying congratulation to everyone!

BTS’ performance 

Literally a fallen angel

BTS took art to another level, they really out did themselves more then we can imagine, The dance, the acting… it was perfect and so intriguing, I couldn’t take my eyes away from this performance.

EXO’s performance 
The VCR was everything! it was beautifully done. The makeup and special effects topped it all. from what I’ve seen on ‘hit the stage’ this make up is activated in light (ten did a performance using this makeup). Must admit it was slightly confusing since all member had that skull makeup yet only kai was ‘human’. It would’ve been great to see baekhyuns light shine on his chest if his sweat didn’t loosen the light device used.

“Baekhyun had a machine heart attached on his chest, some kinda Iron Man thing lol, and it supposed to light up when he ripped his shirt off, but he sweated so much,  the device broke down, and fell from his chest because of this.” (credit to owner)

bonus: When sehun throw away his choker device it hit this fan (fans hand) on the head, lucky poor thing… shall we say.


Suzy and Baeks performance was the most anticipated performance of the year and for them to perform it first on mama shows its effect. Their Dream stage “highest 1 minute” rating with 2.6% while the average of this years rating was 1.8% resulting it to be the worst rating for MAMA. we can positively say Suzy and Baek saved the award show. They vocals were smooth like butter and sweet like honey… yeah we know… cheesy… but not as cheesy as baekhyuns action on the performance

Wiz’s performance
The performance for ‘see you again’ was amazing, defiantly the highlight of the night, it was so beautiful to see the carowd proudly singing along to the beautiful song, even Wiz was lost for words. The stage and simple which added meaning to the song and the crowed were passing big balloon balls around and the flashlights from EVERYONE’S phone, somewhat like stars. Lets not forget Wiz’s love for Shinee… we see you there Wiz, joke!

it’s sad how the drama surrounding this is stopping people from noticing that even though it didn’t work out it was originally expected it still turned out beautifully .

BONUS: Bambam losing himself in the music… until he notices the camera of course… shy boy!

Though I can’t currently find an image but the MAMA award announcement card/box was very cute and creative!

Whatever this is
We think Timbland just woke up and appeared on mama and the whole time he was on stage hes thinking “what is this?.. where am I?..what year is this?…”

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