Article: [Exclusive] Ryu Hyun Jin and Troublemaker collaborate for a new song to be released on the 20th

Source: X Sports News via Naver

1. [+3,854, -33] I’ve seen a lot of different collaborations but this is the most random one I’ve seen

2. [+3,295, -28] What the heck?

3. [+2,437, -27] Baseball player Ryu Hyun Jin???? What??

4. [+2,243, -36] What in the world??

5. [+2,018, -29] A collaboration between…????

6. [+441, -20] Hyun Jin-ah, keep your distance from celebrities…

7. [+380, -15] I’m fine with him going on variety shows but I don’t want him getting involved with things like this

8. [+287, -4] Can’t imagine what kind of song it will turn out to be at all…

9. [+221, -14] I thought I read the title wrong for a second… What kind of collaboration is this?

10. [+173, -13] Do they think releasing albums are a joke?



An athlete collaborating with a pop duo for an album for charity. It’s not an everyday occurrence, but it’s happened in pop culture before.It’s a weird collaboration..Random but I’ll support it since it’s for charity and even Kang Ho Dong released a carol album… At least Ryu Hyun Jin is way cuter and who knows maybe the guy can sing…

Trouble Maker
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