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Hello everyone!

APink recently made a comeback together with spring! The girl group brings back the heart-fluttering innocence of first kiss with their new mini album ‘Pink Blossom’. Read below my review of it!




01. SUNDAY MONDAY – 7/10 (x)

Just when this song started to play, the rhythm reminded me a lot of another song, and it is EXO’s First Snow. Both intros are really similar, right? But apart from that, this song is very cute! Their vocals are really soft (they are like that as always, but in Sunday Monday they are specially cuter) and adorable, and the beat is really calm and beautiful. The lyrics talks about the girl wanting to be with the boy she loves everyday, from Monday to Sunday, and hoping to be with him forever.




02. Mr. Chu (On Stage ver.) – 9/10 (x)

Vocally speaking, Mr. Chu isn’t a song in which they can show their vocals completely, but we all know how good they all sing, so the result ended up being good. This is a catchy song, especially because of its instrumental in the chorus, and it makes it more addictive. My favourite part is the second part of the chorus (the 0:59 part).

Though the Music Videos’ scenes weren’t very amazing, it’s still enjoyable to watch because of its colorful sets, their beautiful looks, and the cute dance! Also, I have to say that I loved the pink flowery dress they wore when they shot the dancing scenes in the Music Video! (at 0:20, for example)

There was one thing that “disappointed” me, and it’s that towards the end of the song I was expecting one of the Eunji’s amazing high notes, but she didn’t ;_;




03. Crystal – 8/10 (x)

Crystal is a cute and cheerful song with a catchy chorus and adorable rhythm as well. In this song, I feel that Bomi’s vocals stood out more than the others members voices because her voice is one of the softest among APink members (especially Chorong), and I loved it. Also, towards the end of the song, Eunji has a high note, yay! And I love how the pronounce crystal, like “kuristal~”

Clearly, as if you’re whispering, you shine on me
You’re my vitamin, so sparkling

Shine on me with those bright eyes like you are now
So I can be more beautiful than anyone else

Aren’t the lyrics cute? ♥




04. 사랑동화 (Fairytale Love) – 10/10 (x)

Together with Mr. Chu (the Original version), this song is my second favourite from the album! It is another ballad, but this one is slower and they sing in a calmer voice, which makes it like more romantic. But actually, unlike the other songs of the mini album, the lyrics of this song are sad and talk about the couple breaking… you should read the full lyrics, but here you have a part of it:

Need you, I really didn’t know back then
Need you, I thought we’d last forever
I didn’t know how precious you were and only complained every day
My love

Now I finally know that you’re so precious
I finally realized that you’re the love that I learned with my heart
Now I can’t turn things back, it’s too late, you’re not by my side
But our beautiful story is still in my heart, my love

Also, don’t you think that Eunji’s voice at the beginning of the song sounds very similar to Girls Generation’s Taeyeon’s voice?




05. So Long – 9/10 (x)

The beginning of the song tells you that this is a sad song already, and the beat is very calm and emotional. I think So Long is really cute and a beautiful song, especially because of its lyrics. They talk about the boy and the girl who were friends since they were childs, and the girl is in love with him since back then, but the girl kept saying to her heart that he was just a friend~ is adorable!

The best thing about this song is Chorong’s voice because it’s very beautiful, and due to this is a sad song, she sounds softer than usual and aww ♥ biased (?). And also, my favourite part of the song starts at 2:50, which is sung by Naeun. That part is specially touching… ;_;




06. Mr. Chu (Original ver.) – 10/10 (x)

As you can see, there are two different versions of Mr. Chu in the mini album: the On Stage version and the Original version. The main difference between them is the intro – the Original version has a piano intro followed by a quick scratch, while the On Stage version starts with a slower and softer beat. In the song overall, the On Stage version has more instrumental bass  in the background and the Original version has less, but it has a stronger beat as well. So, basically, the On Stage version is “cuter” and more innocent than the Original version, which is more powerful and cheerful. In the Music Video, is the On Stage version which is played.

I love both versions, but I like this one more because, as I said, it is more powerful and stronger.




As I said in the dislike part, it’s not that I don’t like their concept for Mr. Chu or cute concepts in general, but it’s only that they haven’t “surprised” me with this comeback. Though honestly I don’t see them with a sexy concept, but it would be interesting to try, right? But anyways, I think that the best concept they suit is the cute one.

Also, the thing I like the most about APink’s cute concepts it’s that they don’t do awkward or forced aegyo, they just do some cute stuff and you’re already dying of cuteness!

So, overall, I liked this mini album very much and their comeback was what I was expecting from them~ and if you are fan of cute songs and ballads, this mini album is a must listen for you! I hope you enjoyed reading my review~ ヾ(⌒ ▽ ⌒)ノ



Mr Chu
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  1. Grandpagyuyellow

    Nice review! You beat me to it haha I was planning on doing a review of this today and then I saw yours xD Nevermind~~~ My favorite tracks are So Long and Fairytale Love! ^^ At first I thought Mr.Chu was ehhh…but after listening to it a few times it started to grow on me. I still like Nonono more though. I think that is still their best track! :D

    1. mjocketyellow

      Aww don’t worry, it’d be nice to read a review of yours!
      It happened the same to me with Mr. Chu, at first it didn’t captivated me very much but as I listen to it, I find it better XD And yes, No No No is indeed APink’s best track! :D
      Thank you for your comment~ ♥

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