APink – Good Morning Baby (MV review) (mjocket)

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APink is one of my favourites groups, but I didn’t know they were going to release a new Music Video until I saw it on YouTube. I liked this song and Music Video very much, so that’s why I’ll be reviewing it!




Good Morning Baby is a digital single that they released to celebrate APink’s 1000th day since their debut. This song is totally their style – cute and cheerful rhythm and lyrics. The lyrics are beautiful and romantic, talking about a girl that have fallen in love with a boy and she wants to spend her mornings with him, to hold hands with him… I think it is really cute!

Just when I started to listen to the song, I died. The beginning, when they are saying “Good morning baby~”, is the cutest thing ever! I love their soft and cute voice, seriously. And by the way, you can use that part as your alarm clock ringtone lol. The song overall is really nice; as I said, I like the lyrics very much, their voices are perfect, and everything about it is good. I may sound biased, but omg, Chorong’s voice is so beautiful! It is so soft and askdjfh I love when she sings. The “bad” thing is that she doesn’t get much lines, but I’m happy anyways!


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About their looks, I think I don’t need to say anything. Just look at them – they are so pretty! I think that their actual hairstyles are which suit them the most. I mean, they were pretty with every hairstyle they had since their debut, but since No No No‘s comeback they changed their hairstyle and they got prettier! 

I think Eunji’s fringe to the side suits her more than the straight fringe that she used to have since debut, but she’s pretty with any of them. Namjoo has always had short hair, because she is the cutest thing ever with the hair like that! Naeun’s hair is perfect, its colour, lenght, and everything like that make her look really beautiful! Bomi is really pretty, that light brown colour suits her very much. Also, speaking of hair colours, Hayoung’s slightly red hair is cool, she is very beautiful with it! And last but not least, Chorong. Her fringe really suits her, and not because she’s my bias, but she’s gorgeous anyways!


This song hasn’t got choreography (at least for now, I don’t know if they are going to perform this song live and if it will have a choreography), but I like every APink’s choreography (I even learned them!). They are “easy”, cute, and very entertaining to dance to. The ‘acting’ that the Music Video has is the photoshoot they are doing. They are posing to the camera and doing silly things between them and smiling and they are simply adorable!

As well as the acting, I’d say that the Music Video doesn’t have a direction or a story itself. But I don’t mind it, I usually like these kinds of Music Videos where the idols are just doing cute things to the camera and interacting with the other members. Also, due to this Music Video is like a gift for the fans and a way to celebrate their 1000th day since debut, I think they don’t need to do something like a super Music Video, a pro coreography and stuff. So this is totally fine for me!



Good morning babies! ♡



So that was my review for Good Morning Baby! Though the Music Video was released almost a week ago, I just wanted to do a review of APink. Better late than never!

I hope you liked it and, if you want, tell me in the comments below what do you think about their new song!

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