[Album Review] B.A.P “First Sensibility” + 1004(Angel) [HELLOKAY]


After what seemed like a long time, B.A.P is back with their first full length album titled “First Sensibility”. The boys have become more mature with this new album and are showing fans a new side to them.



This song is a hard hitter and begins with a rough hip-hop beat with Zelo claiming that “The King is back” – a very strong declaration if you ask me. For the fans who have missed B.A.P’s more tough image, this intro song will get you hyped and remember the days of songs like “Power” and “Warrior”.


B.A.P – 1004(Angel)

“1004” is B.A.P’s title track for this album and it’s a very interesting song. Why? Because it combines many different sounds, but at the same time, B.A.P really makes the different sounds blend well together to create a really awesome track. What I’ve always appreciated about B.A.P is how they try new things and put their own spin on it. Lyrically, the song is about a painful breakup and the sad feelings during its aftermath.


I’m a fool who has lost you

A beggar-like state

I can’t do anything without you

So I miss you (I think of you) and I need you (I everyday)

The messed up me seems small

Hold me (I only have you) Embrace me (The fact that you’re not here)


This song perfectly puts together B.A.P’s vocals and rap. The chemistry between Daehyun and Youngjae’s voices are especially beautiful and really capture the feelings in the song. The music video was great and pretty dramatic towards the end as Himchan ponders whether or not to pull the trigger on himself (or is it a representation of destroying the past memories?). I must say that the acting was very well done. B.A.P seems to do well with dramatic style music videos – as seen in “One Shot”. In terms of fashion, the boys went for a classy sexy look with designer coats and new hairstyles (Yongguk now has bangs while Jongup had some curls in one scene) B.A.P’s choreography for this song doesn’t disappoint and I really loved Zelo & Jongup’s parts – as expected of the representative dancers!

(Pic Credit: zelow @ tumblr)


B.A.P – Easy

“Easy” starts off with a piano melody which is sure to remind listeners of “Coffee Shop”. It carries a similar jazzy feel but with a R&B mix as well. This tune is sure to have you snapping your fingers along to the beat as Yongguk’s deep voice flows through your speakers. Zelo is the key point in this song for me because he has some singing lines and his rapping seems to have improved quite a bit compared to previous albums.


B.A.P – Spy

The beginning of “Spy” is really cool because it reminds me of the Beastie Boys. That old school hip-hop that would have b-boys everywhere on their feet. “Spy” sounds like it could easily be featured in a video game (perhaps a dance or street basketball game if you catch my drift).


B.A.P – Check On

The transition between “Spy” and “Check On” is brilliant because they have similar sounds. I always appreciate small details like this! It shows that this album was pretty well thought out. This song is one of those “get pumped songs” as I like to call them. You play it when you’re getting ready to go out and have fun with confidence (like the lyrics suggest) and I’m sure this would make for a cool stage.


B.A.P who keeps going forth with ambition are fresh

Like the top in Inception, we don’t stop

It’s a reality, not a dream

Let’s rock


B.A.P – Shady Lady

“Shady Lady” is a sexy R&B track which really fits the concept of this album. Youngjae’s vocals were really smooth. The lyrics are really sweet and B.A.P sings about a girl who they find attractive which doesn’t need heavy makeup or kill heels to be pretty. Her beauty shines just the way she is. I mean, who wouldn’t swoon at these lines? I’ve always loved B.A.P’s R&B ballads and this track will definitely be added to my list of favourites.


There’s that burden that you have to look pretty

I know you feel that, I feel for you baby

Don’t worry, you’re already beautiful enough

You don’t really know to use deep make-up or wear expensive clothes

Don’t wear heels against your will when your feet hurt, I feel sorry

I know it, the way to love you just the way you are


B.A.P – Lovesick

As the title suggests, “Lovesick” describes a man’s feelings about being lovesick and missing the one he loves most. I really love this song as well because I got to sense that B.A.P has really matured in terms of their sound.


B.A.P – BANGx2

“BANGX2” is the rock track of this album and we get to hear a bit of Yongguk’s singing voice in the beginning. B.A.P really went loose with this track and I appreciate their effort to incorporate a variety of genres. By the sound of it, I could tell that they really had fun with this song. They key point in this song is the breakdown where the guitar and drums really kick in. If you’re a fan of alternative rock, this song is for you. I’d be interested in hearing what rock fans think of this song!


B.A.P – S.N.S (Sexy N Special)

I don’t know where to start with this song. This song is exactly what the title states: Sexy and Special. It puts me in a special groove and again, I’m loving how much more mature B.A.P is sounding. I never would have thought they would have pulled off the sexy concept so well – especially since they seem so shy off camera and Zelo isn’t even legal, but boy was I mistaken.


B.A.P – Body & Soul

Continuing on the sexy train, “Body & Soul” goes a little further and sounds more like one of those you’d play before engaging in some “sexy times” if you know what I mean. If I’m not mistaken, Jongup has a HIGH NOTE in this song and he pulls it off so well too! Good for you Jongup. Following that, Daehyun has a couple high notes too which are sure to impress.


B.A.P – Save Me

“Save Me” is another solid track from B.A.P. The lyrics indicate that it’s about a past relationship where a woman lied to her boyfriend and left him heartbroken and unable to trust others anymore.

 I feel like I’m going crazy, love is a traumatic thing to me

The promise you made as you smiled on that warm morning

The ring that holds memories, the times when we were happy

They all left me like you did

I’m really confused about what love is still, everything about it

The more I think about it, the more I fear love

Go away, my heart has all become broken because of you


B.A.P – B.A.B.Y

There were some lucky BABYz who got the chance to listen to this song during BABY Day, but finally the song is released for all to hear. It’s a song which is sure to become very special to all B.A.P fans as it’s especially for them.


B.A.P – With You

As the concluding song, “With You” really ties the album together and sends the message to fans that B.A.P will stand side-by-side with them through their journey. I feel like this track, along with “B.A.B.Y” really emphasizes how thankful B.A.P is towards their fans and it’s pretty touching.


Overall Album Rating: 4.2/5

*All lyric translations found at itsbap @ tumblr


Altogether, B.A.P’s first full length album “First Sensibility” is a hit in my books. While I’ll admit that as a fan I was especially nervous for how this would turn out (many of the chosen samples of songs sounded choppy on the album preview), I am very happy with the results. B.A.P has shown us that they are much more mature and are on their way to making the transition to becoming respected artists rather than just another idol group. I’m sure this review sounded bias as hell, but to be quite honest, I’m really impressed, not just as a BABY, but a music lover in general. I’m so proud of B.A.P and how much they’ve improved since their last comeback (“Badman” definitely wasn’t one of their best tracks)!


I really hope that B.A.P will be able to receive more attention and respect in the industry after this and I’ll do my best as a fan to try and make sure they do!


What did you think of B.A.P’s first full length album and/or 1004(Angel)?



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  1. Grandpagyuyellow

    I’m sooo impressed by the album <3 GAH. THE FEELS. Body & Soul is my fav track from the album ;)

    1. hellokayyellow

      Me too! Ah! We have the same favourite track! I love “Body & Soul” so much. I ADORE sexy songs. “S.N.S” is another one of my faves. Lovin’ it.

      1. Grandpagyuyellow

        haha I didn’t know it was a sexy song until I searched up the lyrics. I was like “woah there BAP” hahaha. I also like Save Me & With You…AND 1004 of course xD SNS is nice too ^~^ This album is daebakkk.

        1. hellokayyellow

          You just named all my fave songs too lmao! HIGH FIVE!

          1. Grandpagyuyellow

            haha yeahhh AIR FIVE! xD

  2. K

    I’m very impressed with how well they pulled 1004 off :). As I Baby, I love when they do different genres, try new things, or mix things together. It’s all a part of learning, and I’m glad with TS they can do that.

    1. hellokayyellow

      They’ve experimented with basically every genre so far. I would love to hear them try a song with a reggae sound next! I’m also glad TS gives them the freedom to try these things.

  3. JJyellow

    Good article, now you earned the green belt with this!

    1. hellokayyellow

      Thank you, that’s great! :)

  4. serara

    This album is just perfection <3
    My BABY heart is sooooo proud :D
    And your Review was really well-done!

    1. hellokayyellow

      Haha, thank you so much!
      Yes, feels great to be a BABY right now! Super proud :P

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