[Acoustic KPOP Cover] Mi ? !!

Today, I would like to introduce some hidden but attractive voice, Mi !!!

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Attached from her introduction on youtube channel,



The video felt a little silly I must say, I’m just sitting there singing along to my own cover, but I thought maybe it is better than no video at all! ^^ Whenever I make a video many of you say I should smile more, which is very good advice, and I honestly thought I did in this video, but I think I only smiled twice xD It’s still two more than my last video ^^ Maybe in a hundred videos I’ll be Happy Virus!

Anyway, I hope you like this cover! Thank you everyone who requested it! Somehow it felt really special to make another B.A.P cover, since I know many of you are B.A.P fans :) I love this song, especially the lyrics, and I thought it would be fitting with a more calm arrangement so I made it like this.

Thank you for watching, I hope you enjoy this ^^ And thank you all for always being awesome in the comment section! You make me very happy, even if I don’t smile a lot ;)



Screenshot 2015-01-26 18.34.47

Here you have some our recommendation, as well.

1. [Acoustic Cover] B.A.P | 1004 / Angel (sad version)


2. [Acoustic Cover] f(x) ft. D.O. | “Goodbye Summer”



3. [Acoustic cover] BTS (방탄소년단) | “No More Dream”


Screenshot 2015-01-26 18.34.47

More Kpop cover from Mi ? Visit her youtube channel as below~


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KPOP cover
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  1. Summer

    Do you know what happened to her? I can’t find any of her stuff ;n; i love her BTS and Block B covers but I only saved a couple of them.

    1. belle

      Do you have copies of her covers? :((((

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