viral videos that changed these kpop idols life

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sometimes it just takes one video/photo for idols popularity to go over the roof. Here are example of lucky idols that were given a chance thanks to viral videos.

It’s safe to say this one was by far the most talked about viral video and that idol is none other then Hani! Hani performed EXID’s song ‘up down’ without realising her life will change once one fan uploads a fancam of her performance. Focus fancam are common in kpop where fans take a video of their bias, what’s not common, however, is fancams becoming viral.

Aegyo is very popular in Korea so popular in fact it made this next idol and her group become popular. Girl’s days Hyeri did aegyo on the show real man resulting in going viral.

This next viral is what you call turning misfortune into opportunity. The members suffered injuring while performing in the rain. They were praised for how professional they were by continuing to perform every time they fell resulting in their popularity.

No one can forget the scene that turn Jessie into a variety star. During a diss rap jessie started off by saying “I have something to say” since then many shows have reacted that scene and imitated her. It was the highlight of the season.

Just when you think these viral videos get random…this next idol got popular from a cardboard cutout. AOA seolhyun become a hot topic when it was revealed her cutout photo was not edited proved when she stood next it. That cardboard cutout alone got her many CF deals.


sometimes it’s all about that one chance… that one luck. who know who’s next.


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