A Look Back At All Of 2NE1s Accomplishments

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2NE1 is without a doubt one of the best kpop groups to exist, here we look back at a few of their achievements throughout their career as a group.

Back in 2012, 2NE1 was the first Kpop girl group to hold world tour in 10 cities of 7 countries.

2NE1 was the first girl group hold the record for most viewed debut song. Fire accumulated around 41.4 million views.

2NE1 was the first KPOP group for best-selling kpop debut in american music history for the album crush which was at no. 61  at Billboard 200, selling 5,000 copies sold.

2NE1 is the first group to receive a PAK (Pefrect All Kill) for Lonely.

2NE1 received their first Daesang award 6 month after debut. By the end of 2009, 2NE1 managed  to receive 4 Daesang awards.

Park Bom set a record for having the most “through-the-roof” hits on Melon over 41 times and for having the most Perfect All-Kills on 2011 with 5 (including solo, group, and featured songs).

First girl group in history to win 2 “Daesang” awards in one night at Mnet Asian Music Awards.

The first K-pop artist to ever win “mutizens” for 3 different songs in one promotion period.

2NE1 broke the record for having the most wins on Inkigayo (4 wins).

The New York Times named 2NE1’s performance at the Prudential Center in New Jersey as one of the “Best Concerts of 2012”

2NE1’s first Korean concert, “Nolza” was sold out in just 2 minutes. An additional date was added to the concert because of the high demand.

The first Asian music group to be interviewed by “Facebook Live”.

“I Am the Best” was the first ever K-pop song featured on Microsoft’s “Dance Central 3”.

2NE1 broke stereotype for kpop girl groups.Image result for 2ne1 i am the best gif

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Thank you 2NE1


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