7 Signs That Indicates That You Are Kpop Addict

No matter whether you are from Korea or outside the country, these are such common signs that indicate that you’re addicted to Korean pop music or dramas. Let’s take a closer look at those signs.

This is true that everyone enjoys Korean pop music and Kdramas but when you start watching all those 16 episodes in one way, then you are not just watching those series. You are addicted to k-pop culture! That’s not all, you will also find yourself saying, “omo” and “Aigoo” several times a day and even developed the interest to learn Korean fan language.

Aside from that, here are the 7 signs that can be only seen in the kpop fans:

Sign # 1. Lack of Sleep

You will avoid sleeping and keep telling yourself, let’s watch one more drama tonight. It is totally true that Kdramas are highly interested and entertaining but when you are addicted to these dramas, you will be definitely gonna watch all the series in on go without waiting for the next day.

Sign # 2. Started Using Korean Fan’s Language

The Korean fans automatically started using their unique slangs that can be only understood by the other Korean fan.

Sign # 3. Started Copying Your Idols

You copy the common expressions in Kdramas and start behaving as like your favorite idol. It is natural that when you like someone, you started following their common expressions.

Sign # 4. Wrist Grabbing

Wrist grabbing is one of the common and effective ways to stop someone who is leaving you in Kdramas. And the Korean fans actually start doing in their real life and taking these things on a serious note.

Sign # 5. Feel Emotional Pains

When you are addicted to Korean dramas, you will suffer from severe emotional pains especially when watching emotional scenes. You even wipe the tears of others watching the same drama.

Sign # 6. Started Eating Korean Food

No matter what food items you like earlier when you are addicted to these series, you will buy kimchi, soju, rice cakes and other popular Korean food.

Sign # 7. List Korean Drama OSTs

You save and listen to Korean Drama OSTs, again and again, several times a day. Even you will start learning those Korean lyrics.

These are the few common signs that you will start noticing in you when you are addicted to Korean dramas. In fact, you find changes in your nature, habits and even liking.

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